Blackboard Organizations or Communities

What is a Community Organization?

A community organization is a feature in Blackboard that allows members of university groups and organizations to communicate and collaborate online in a similar way toBlackboard courses. For example, organization members can share documents, discuss topics, and email one another. 

Like a Bb course site, a Bb Organization site allows authorized members to publish documents, multimedia components, and other materials in a secure-access environment.

It also provides communication tools, including:

  • Discussion Boards
    Members of the group can join a discussion at a time of their choosing.
  • Send E-mail
    Every group member has access to pre-addressed e-mail to communicate directly with any or all other group members.
  • Announcements
    The sponsor or designated others can post timely messages to announce changes in scheduling or to remind members of fast-approaching deadlines.
  • Group Pages
    Smaller groups within the organization can be provided a secure environment with access to most of the standard Bb tools and features.

Who may request sites?

Bb Organizations will only be granted to site sponsors.

A Bb Organization may be sponsored by a dean, department chair, director, or faculty member, who assumes responsibility for the Bb Organization site contents and use. The sponsor must have either:

  • used a Bb course site to support an on-campus course or teach a fully online course; or
  • attended a workshop on using a Bb course site


NOTE:  The person who will be the organization leader must attend a Blackboard Basics hands-on training session.

Students wanting sites for an official student organization must coordinate with the advisor of record for that organization.

Use of Blackboard is limited to students, faculty and staff of Florida Atlantic University.

What are the responsibilities of an organization manager?


 Last Modified 11/8/16