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Getting Started with Creating Accessible Course Content
Blackboard Visual Quick Start Guide
How do I Customize the look and feel of my course?
Make Your Course Available
How Do I Make My Courses Available?
How Do I Post Course Content? (Folders, Items, External Links, Mashups and Embedded Video)
How Do I Change My Course Entry Page?
Select the Page Where Users Enter Your Course
Edit the Course Home Page
How Do I Copy or Move Content?
How Do I Post My Syllabus?
How Do I Use Course Files?
How Do I Load an iSpring File into Blackboard?
How Do I use Bboogle?
Create Content Area and Item
Use the Text Editor
Create a Tool Link
Getting Started with Learning Modules
Blackboard Learn Integrate Web Tools
Course Content Web 2.0 tools tour
Build a Learning Module
Create a Lesson Plan
Add a Glossary Term
Add Textbook Information
Create a Blank Page
Create a Mashup
Embedding a Video Link
Add Multimedia
Tour the Course Files Feature
Attach Course Files to a Content Item
Add Your Own Web Content Through Course Files
Create Multiple Rules to Release a Content Item
Add an Avatar to Personalize Your Course Environment

Course Utilities

Import a Course Package
How Do I Export and Import (Copy) Course Content?
Export and Archive a Course
Run a Report of All User Activity
Run a Report of User Activity by Forum
Run a Report of User Activity by Content Area
Run a Report of User Activity by Group
Save a Course Report
Turn On Statistics Tracking for a Content Item


How Do I Edit My Course Menu?
Edit the Course Menu
Add Tools to the Course Menu
Make Tools Available on Course Menu
Add a Banner to Your Course Entry Point
Create a Blank Page on the Course Menu
How Do I Turn Off Course Tools I'm NOT Using?
Turn Tool Availability On and Off
Make Tools Available to Students


Getting Started with Assignments
How Do I Post an Assignment?
Create Assignments
Deploy and Grade Group Assignments
Download Assignments
Clean Out Graded Assignment Files
Create a SafeAssignment
Use SafeAssign

Tests, Surveys, and Pools

Getting Started with Building a Test
How Do I Create Online Tests
Upload Test Questions to Blackboard
Allow Individual Students Extra Time on a Test
How do I use the negative points for test questions?
How do I use the Automatic Regrading for Tests in Blackboard?
Automatic Regrading
Awarding Negative Points for Incorrect Answers to Test Questions
Tour the Question Finder Feature
Create a True or False Question
Create a Multiple Answer Question
Create a Short Answer Question
Create an Opinion Scale/Likert Question
Create a Hot Spot Question
Create a Quiz Bowl Question
Create a Matching Question
Create a Fill in the Blank Question
Create an Ordering Question
Create a Multiple Choice Question
Create a Jumbled Sentence Question
Create a Fill in Multiple Blanks Question
Create an Essay Question
Create a Calculated Numeric Question
Create a Calculated Formula Question
Add an Existing Question to a Test
Tag Questions for Reuse
Export and Import a Test or Survey
Build a Question Pool
Create a Random Block and Add It to a Test
Upload Test Questions from Microsoft Excel

Grade Center

Getting Started with the Grade Center
Getting Started with Needs Grading
Getting Started with Automatic Regrading
How Do I Set up the Grade Center?
How Do I Create and Use Rubrics?
How Do I Submit Grades through Blackboard? (short version)
How Do I Submit Grades through Blackboard? (long version)
Create a Grade Center Column
View Grade Details
Create Grade Center Categories
Download and Upload Grades
Customize the Grade Center View
Create a Grade Rule
Anonymous Grading
Color Code the Grade Center
Create a Grade Center Report
Create a Grading Rubric
Grade Assessments Question by Question
Check on Students with the Performance Dashboard
Create a Rule for Notifications and Alerts
Create a Simple Adaptive Release Rule
Enable Review Status
Color Code the Grade Center
Work Offline with the Grade Center
Student Performance
Performance Dashboard
Running and Saving a Course Report
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