Mentoring Council Members

The Mentoring Council is comprised of faculty and staff who are engaged in offering departmentally-based mentoring programs at Florida Atlantic University. They are united in the belief that mentoring is a powerful tool for personal, academic, and career development.  

Mentoring Council Members 2016-2017

Melanie Adams, Career Center

Keven Allen, Boca Student Union

Tracy Baker, Office of Undergraduate Research & Inquiry

Jennifer Bebergal, Center for Learning & Student Success

Eric Berlatsky, Department of English

Jeff Buller, Leadership and Professional Development Program

Katie Burke, Weppner Center for Lead & Service Learning

Shelby Clinton, Center for Learning & Student Success

Eric Coleman, Student-Athlete Center for Academic Excellence

Jessica Cornely, The Mentoring Project

Yekaterina Davis, International Students & Scholar Services

Mary Louise Duffy, Department of Exceptional Student Education

Sylvanna Fahnestock, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Evelyn Frazier, Department of Biological Sciences

Kimberly Gramm, Division of Research

Devin Herrera, Campus Life, Northern Campuses

Javaris Hammond, College of Nursing

Jessica Hibberd, College of Engineering and Computer Science

Debbi Johnson-Rais, The Mentoring Project

Brian Montalvo, Career Center

Darius Murray, Center for Autism & Related Studies

Juan Izaguirre Pena, Weppner Center for LEAD & Service Learning

Carole Pfeffer-Lachs, Center for Learning & Student Success

Leigh Remy, The Mentoring Project

Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Department of Educational Leadership

Carmen Rodriguez, Pine Jog Environmental Education Center

Nikki Saltzburg, Counseling & Psychological Services

Juliet Streaty-Varnum, College of Nursing

Luc Wille, Department of Physics

Affiliate Mentoring Council Members 

Gladys Arome, Center for eLearning

Ashley Buchanan, Admissions/Registration

Amanda Propst Cuevas, Office of Appreciative Education

Ashley Haynie, New Student Orientation

Andrea Guzman Oliver, Division of Student Affairs


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