The Mentoring Council

Mission Statement:

The Mentoring Council aims to bring together the many mentoring programs across the university. The Mentoring Council will represent a clearinghouse for mentoring opportunities throughout the university, help develop new mentoring programs, identify areas of need for professional development and recommend best practices.  Council members will serve in an advisory capacity in support of The Mentoring Project, a university wide initiative at FAU.

The mentoring of students is an integral part of the university experience that promotes student success. This council is an ever expanding partnership between Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Its mission is to support student retention and timely graduation by increasing student engagement through mentoring programs.

The council will meet twice a year.

One of the objectives of The Mentoring Project is to create a comprehensive clearinghouse for all departmentally-based mentoring opportunities across the institution in order to increase engagement, retention and graduation rates.  The Mentoring Project will provide resources for reporting outcomes along with referrals of mentees to increase our capacity for mentoring university wide.  If your department offers a mentoring program please email the name of the program and contact person to


 Last Modified 11/10/16