What is Connections?

Connections is a university-wide mentoring program focused on helping first-year and transfer students become acclimated to campus life by guiding them to all that FAU has to offer.  Our mission is “to promote student success by increasing student engagement through mentoring programs.” Many FAU students report leaving FAU due to a lack of connection and lack in the use of academic support services. Connections seeks to aid in bridging the gap between FAU faculty/staff and students especially those who are first time in college, first generation, underserved minority students, or majoring in a STEM program. Ultimately, our goal is to help all students reach their full potential in their collegiate experience by providing them with compassionate mentors.


What are the benefits of becoming a Mentee?

Both mentors and mentees are sure to benefit from the mentoring process. Mentees often express that mentors are an invaluable resource. Studies also show that students with mentors:

  • Positively adjust to college

  • Are more likely to graduate

  • Have a greater overall satisfaction with their college experience

  • Increase their self-efficacy and perceived confidence in their ability

  • Fare better on other key measures of college success than students who lack mentoring connections


What are the expectations?

  • Commit to engaging with your mentor

  • Meet with you mentor face-to-face at least three (3) times per semester

  • Attend occasional events

  • Inform Mentoring Project staff of any concerns

  • Complete three surveys each year reporting your experience with your mentor


How will I be matched?

You are paired with a mentor through a matching algorithm that considers academic areas of interest, co-curricular involvements, and common goals for a mentoring relationship.  You will also have the option of describing any specific interests you have in a mentor -- someone fluent in a common language, a peer mentor who also is an out-of-state student, etc. 

How can I apply?

Click here to apply

 Last Modified 11/10/16