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Here at The Mentoring Project, we have a team of dedicated peer mentors and coaches.   In this blog, they choose the topics and the tips to help you have a great first-year at FAU.  Do you have a question you would like answered or an idea for a new post?  Write us at 

Should I leave my room or stay on campus after class?

Patrick Riley, Graduate Student, Class of 2018

When I first arrived on a college campus, I felt flooded with all of the things there were to do. Student organizations were out in force for the first few weeks recruiting new members, different offices lined in the main paths on campus to promote their mission and provide assistance, and, last but certainly not least, orientation leaders were ALWAYS around to make sure new students knew the opportunities that were available to them.

So naturally, as an eager first year student in a new place, I…                                           

                                                            …stayed in my room to play video games and nap 24/7.

Looking back on my four years as an undergraduate, my best moments were not spent locked away asleep in my room or stationed in front of my television watching the latest episode of How I Met Your Mother.  My best moments came after I stopped hibernating and left my room to explore what college had to offer.

So, should I leave my room or stay on-campus after class?

Uhh…, YES!



College is about finding who you are and part of that is learning what you enjoy doing! I have heard plenty of people say “it’s really hard to get involved,” or “I don’t know where to start.” First off, if you are on the Boca Campus, head over to the Breezeway or the Student Union (UN-31) anytime between the hours of 10am to 2pm weekly and see for yourself. Tabling on the Breezeway is HUGE and there are always students playing pool, ping-pong, classic games, dominoes or pool in the union. Student organizations are consistently recruiting, and with over 440 registered organizations as of 2017, you will likely find something right for you!  If you are at Jupiter, head over to the Burrow. At Davie, check out the Student Union.

Ok, so walking up to someone you do not know might not be your thing… or you may have a tight schedule during the week… or maybe that pesky goldfish is keeping you busy.

FAU has this awesome resource called Owl Central ; every organization is listed with the contact information of someone who is waiting for you to ask how to get involved. College clubs and organizations are a phenomenal way to meet people who share your interests…or are just interesting.

So, should you leave your room or stay on-campus after class? Yes.


You can get involved with the off-campus community as well. Florida Atlantic University is in the heart of South Florida, meaning that you are right in the mix of things. Getting involved off-campus is also a great way to enhance your resume. At the end of the day, volunteering, working, or interning off-campus could be the thing that sets you apart! You never know!

Ok, so maybe the whole off-campus thing interests you a little, but you do not know where to start. Try checking out these links for ideas:

…and many times, a simple web search will give you just what you are looking for!

SO, should you leave your room? Still, yes.


There is always something going on at FAU. The Department of Student Activities and Involvement does a fantastic job organizing events year-round. The FAU Program Board is a student run organization committed to bringing FREE, fun, and quality events to campus. You can check them out on twitter and Instagram, just search “@pbFAU” or find them here on the FAU webpage. 

So, should you leave your room or stay on campus after class? 100%.

Get involved. Go explore. Go Owls!


Who am I?


I graduated in May 2018 from FAU's College of Education with my master's degree in Higher Education Leadership. I served as a graduate assistant for The Mentoring Project and worked as a Peer Coach. Originally from a small suburb of Atlanta, Georgia, I graduated with a degree in Mathematics from LaGrange College in 2016. I came to FAU to complete my studies in higher education and experience one of the most diverse institutions in all of the United States. In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, scuba diving, playing (and watching) sports, and trying new things! 



Finding the right fit!

Samantha Sock, FAU Class of 2018

When starting high school and now college, a typical piece of advice you may have repeatedly heard is to get involved. At this point, any time you hear this phrase you may let it go in one ear and out the other. I know it’s annoying, but hear me out: getting involved on campus is the best decision you can ever make.

Do you want to use college to learn and grow more than you ever thought you could?  Getting involved on the FAU campus is that opportunity for you. How you do it is up to you! From Student Government to Greek Life, there are so many options for you to find the right fit.

meme: why, why would you do that?  Why should I get involved? What do I gain?

By getting involved, you are able to make your impact at FAU. The feeling of accomplishing positive change within the FAU community is indescribable. Personally, I decided to get involved in Greek life. When I joined, I didn't really know who I was or that I was even able to become a leader. Within these past 3 years, I have grown so much more than I have ever thought possible and I have Greek life to thank for that. I took the opportunities to run for positions such as President of the Panhellenic Council. Greek life tested my leadership and taught me skills that I never would have learned without it. Every single person reading this has the potential to be a leader and getting involved gives you the tools to do so!

Leadership isn’t for me, should I still get involved?

Of course!! There is something for everyone! FAU has over 400 organizations on campus.  Especially in Greek life, there are so many different opportunities. If you don’t want to hold positions, there are so many events to attend. From philanthropy events, socials, and sisterhoods, there are so many choices. Use getting involved as an opportunity to meet friends and have fun!

Okay, Sam... Maybe I want to join a club or an organization but I need a little convincing…

It's completely understandable to be hesitant about doing something new. It’s nerve-racking, but I promise it’s worth it in the end. I found where I was supposed to be, it gave me the courage to grow within myself. Whether your goal is to become a leader and hold positions or to meet people, getting involved is the right choice for you! Within the greek community, for example, it allows you to meet so many different people from diverse cultures.Not only are you able to be apart of a brotherhood or sisterhood, you are able to meet individuals from every organization within the community. It gives you a platform to work on issues that mean something to you, whether it be philanthropy or the betterment of our overall college community. I always say give it a try, you will either learn that you love or hate it - it’s good to know instead of wondering what if.

Greek life worked for me and became an asset to my life. I understand it isn't for everyone and that's completely fine. There are similar opportunities all over campus! Whether its Student Government, Lead & Serve or the Student Alumni Association you are making the best decision by getting involved.It's now up to you, are you ready to make a decision that will shape your time as an undergrad?

Reach out to the Peer Coaches in Mentoring Project Office at if you are interested in ways to get involved on campus and just don’t know where to start.


Who am I?

Hi I'm Sam and I just graduated from FAU. I am originally from Tampa, FL . My major was communications and I am headed to USF for graduate school in Fall 2018.  While at FAU, I was actively involved with greek life on campus and served as the Panhellenic President. A fun fact about me is I love food, I mean who doesn't?  


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