Florida Atlantic University Combined Bachelor's/MD Programs

Application Deadline: February 17, 2017

Florida Atlantic University College of Medicine offers several highly selective early admission programs for both your undergraduate and medical degrees.

Students admitted into this program will be offered conditional admission* to FAU's College of Medicine provided they maintain the required program standards. Each student will work very closely with the program coordinator to develop an individual education plan and to ensure a smooth transition into the College of Medicine.

* Upon completion of program requirements.


  1. Med Direct 7-8 year combined BS/MD is a collaborative effort between the College of Science and College of Medicine, offered on the Boca Raton Campus.
  2. Wilkes Medical Scholars 7-8 year combined BS/MD is a collaborative effort between the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College and College of Medicine, offered on the Jupiter Campus.


  1. High School finalists come to FAU in the spring of their senior year for an interview with the selection committee.
  2. Admission to undergraduate and medical education at the same time, as long as you successfully complete the program requirements.
  3. Mentoring from medical students and faculty in the College of Medicine.
  4. Meaningful research, volunteer and medical experiences.
  5. Multiple occasions to interact with the College of Medicine and the surrounding 9 hospitals in our hospital consortium.
  6. Personal pre-medical advising throughout the entire undergraduate program.
  7. Priority in scheduling classes.
  8. If you change your mind and decide not to attend medical school, you still have great choices for an outstanding education!


"Florida Atlantic University’s Med Direct program has given me the opportunity to pursue my career dream of becoming a physician. I chose this program because of the personalized support system and individualized care that this program offers. Within the first month, I have spoken with a team of advisors and mentors including President John Kelly, Dean Ross of the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine, Dr. Rose and Shari Goldstein, who have shown their undeviating interest in my success. I also chose this program due to the unique opportunities that not many undergraduate students will have access to such as visiting the Gross Anatomy Lab, having a mentor from the medical school, and travelling to Jamaica on a pre-medical mission trip. After speaking with my advisors and learning more about the indispensable opportunities and priceless experiences that will be gained from my years here, I am most ecstatic to continue my journey through this program."
----Sarvika Bommakanti, Med Direct Student

“I remember the day that I was flying to another university and knowing that I would definitively select their BS/MD program, without realizing that fate and God had different plans for me. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that one interview for the Med Direct program, with Dr. Gary Rose, would change my steadfast decision. All in all, I chose FAU because of the welcoming atmosphere and faculty, along with their overall vision to not only succeed as a university, but to make their students succeed exponentially as well. Through my short time here at FAU and the Med-Direct program, I’ve experienced an unparalleled support system of mentors like from Ms. Shari Goldstein and profound teaching techniques by professors that have made me certain that this is the right place for me. So that leaves me with only one question left for you: Why not FAU or the Med-Direct program?”
----Alisha Khambati, Med Direct Student

Undergraduate Expectations and Requirements

Wilkes Medical Scholars are expected to finish each undergraduate semester with a GPA of at least 3.7. Single semester GPA’s lower than 3.7 will trigger an automatic review by the Committee for continuation in the program. Although there is no semester requirement for a science (BCPM) GPA, the science GPA for promotion to the College of Medicine (after three years) is 3.5.

All students must adhere to and exhibit the high moral and ethical values of one entrusted with the privilege of studying and practicing medicine at all times during their undergraduate enrollment. Failure to do so will be cause for instant dismissal from the program. Students who are dismissed or wish to leave the program may continue their enrollment at FAU provided they meet eligibility requirements. In no case may students delay their entry to the College of Medicine by more than one year.

In addition to the requirements stated above, all students are expected to participate in at least one of the following activities/experiences during each semester they are enrolled. These experiences are semester-long activities and cannot be accomplished in less time.

  • A specialized pre-health course (e.g. Intro to Pre-Professional Studies, Basic Clinical Skills, Internship)
  • Experience in the medical field (hospital, clinic, hospice, physician’s office but not with parents or parent’s friends)
  • Community health volunteer (migrant farm workers, homeless, socioeconomically disadvantaged, underserved)
  • Laboratory research (with faculty in Science or Medicine)
  • Medically related employment (work-study, hospital, research, commercial)
  • Study abroad/teach abroad/volunteer abroad in health care setting
  • Medical scribe or medical translator activities
  • Mentoring from medical students and faculty in the College of Medicine
  • Standardized Patient Program
  • Thesis (current topics in biomedical field in a form suitable for publication a peer-reviewed journal)

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Minimum Entrance Requirements for all programs:

  1. 1450/1490 (SAT/rSAT) or 33 ACT
  2. Weighted High School GPA: 4.30
  3. Medical Pipeline Online Application
  4. Resume
  5. Letter of recommendation from a counselor or high school teacher emailed to medicalpipelines@fau.edu

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