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FAU Experts on the U.S. Presidency, Political Science

            BOCA RATON , FL (September 4, 2008) – As the upcoming presidential election approaches, Florida Atlantic University faculty are available to discuss various areas of political science.

American Politics:

  • Kevin Wagner is an assistant professor in the department of political science at FAU.   He is an attorney with a doctorate in American politics with an emphasis on U.S. institutions such as the presidency.  Wagner also has expertise in the field of political behavior, including public opinion, campaigning and elections.  Wagner can be reached at 561-297-3218 (office), 561-252-1794 (home) or
  • Dukhong Kim is an assistant professor in the department of political science at FAU.  He specializes in American politics, specifically public opinion, political behavior, racial politics, political psychology and the presidency. Kim can be reached at 561-297-3216 (office), 561-394-3445 (home) or
  • Jim Lamare is a professor in the department of political science.   His focus is on public opinion, political culture and interest groups.   Lamare is currently teaching a campaigns and elections class on the Jupiter campus.   He can be reached at 561- 799-8623 (office), 561-350-3271 (cell) or
  • Marshall Derosa is a professor in the department of political science.   He specializes in American constitutional law and policymaking, international law, law and American society, and the judicial process.   Derosa can be reached at 954-236-1131 (office), 561-723-9988 (cell) or

International Politics:

  • Robert Rabil (Middle East) is an assistant professor and director of graduate studies in the department of political science. His areas of expertise include national and international Security, U.S. foreign policy, U.S.-Arab and U.S.-Muslim relations, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and politics and economies of the Arab world, Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Lebanon, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan and Israel. Rabil can be reached at 561-297-3215 (office) or 561-302-0470 (cell) or
  • Aimee Kanner (Europe and Latin America) is an assistant professor of political science.  Kanner’s interests include comparative politics and international relations, particularly in the areas of Europe and Latin America.  She can be reached at 561-297-3211 (office) or 561-756-3888 (cell) or
  • Renat Shaykhhutdinov (former Soviet Union ) is an assistant professor of political science.   His teaching and research interests include comparative and international politics, ethnic conflict, research methods, power-sharing arrangements, decentralization, and the politics of the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe. Shaykhutdinov is a native of the East European city of Kazan located in the Middle Volga Region and is fluent in Tatar, Russian and Turkish.   He can be reached at 561-297-3775 (office) or

For FAU experts, contact Lisa Freed, assistant director of media relations at FAU, at 561-297-3022 or

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