Get Started

1) Contact the Communications Officer for your college or division. Marketing and Creative Services will not start a project without a project tracking number from the communications plan, when applicable.

2) Preparation
a) Get approvals from those in your area who will need to sign off at any stage of the project
b) Obtain a purchase requisition for any outside services
c) Gather sample ideas, pictures, text and any graphics to be used

3) Determine the deadline. See Project Timeline for guidelines on how long a project might take to complete.

4) Fill out necessary forms, including a CS Work Order. Marketing and Creative Services will not start a project without the completion of this form.

5) Make an appointment by contacting Laurie Donahue at 561-297-3042. You may also call 561-297-1352 or e-mail to be directed to someone who can answer any questions you may have.

6) The Design/Production Phase:
a) Creative Services will not have a proofreader/editor review your text. You are responsible for checking all of the text (spelling, phone numbers, and websites etc.) and that it follows university standard AP style format 
b) Marketing and Creative Services will create a design based on your objectives and present them in the form of hard copy proofs or pdf files via e-mail. Be sure to review all materials/text carefully before submitting them to Marketing and Creative Services for design/layout. After a project is in layout, format and text revisions are time-consuming and may delay the project and/or result in additional charges.
c) While you are reviewing the design, we will obtain cost estimates and turnaround schedules from outside vendors. Marketing and Creative Services will choose the best vendor for each project.

Final Approval and Printing: When the design is approved, a purchase order number is obtained from the Purchasing Department using your signed purchase requisition. You will be asked to sign a Print Authorization Form (PAF), which contains all the specifications of the project, the cost and the delivery information. Be sure to review this document carefully before signing.

Billing Process: All vendor invoices will be sent to Marketing and Creative Services. When the project is delivered and you are satisfied with the outcome, we will compare the invoice(s) to the initial cost estimate. If there are discrepancies and, depending on their nature, we will either consult with you or have them corrected by the vendor. Upon acceptance, the invoice will be sent to the Controller’s Office for payment. Process for projects printed in house: The project will be printed after the proof is approved and we are provided the appropriate index number for billing. Upon delivery of the printed materials, Marketing and Creative Services will bill the index account number directly.

Next Steps

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