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Driscoll Named to Florida Energy Commission; Coley to State Energy Panel

Florida Senate President Ken Pruitt recently appointed Dr. Fredrick R. Driscoll to fill the Florida Energy Commission’s (FEC) vacant ninth seat. Driscoll is as associate professor in the department of ocean engineering and the director of the Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology.

Florida Governor Charlie Crist has named Camille Coley, executive assistant vice president for research, to serve on Florida’s Energy Panel, a 21-member team charged with developing a statewide plan on energy use and reducing effects on climate. The group will be developing a comprehensive plan for greenhouse reduction and diversifying fuels now used to generate electricity. Camille is the program manager for FAU's Center of Excellence in Ocean Energy Technology.

Dr. Len Berry, Center for Environmental Studies, moderated a session titled “Information for Water Management and the Science-Knowledge-Outreach Interface” at the Sixth Inter-American Dialogue on Water Management, which was organized by the Government of Guatemala and the Inter-American Water Resources Network (IWRN). The Sixth Dialogue took place in Guatemala City, on Aug. 12-17. The bi-annual event is the most prominent regional event that gathers a wide array of stakeholders and practitioners to discuss water management issues in the Americas. Dr. Berry's session included panelists from the U.S., Uruguay, Brazil and Venezuela. He also presented the recommendations of the 9th Water Information Summit which was held in June in West Palm Beach.

Dr. Lakhdar Boukerrou, Center for Environmental Studies, presented a paper entitled “Agriculture, Food Security and Integrated Water Management” at the 6th Inter American Water Dialogue (see above) Dr. Boukerrou was also a panel member in a session on “Information for Water Management and the Science-Knowledge-Outreach Interface” addressing the issue of information dissemination using various methods to reach the stakeholders and user masses who have the most information needs.
Dr. Boukerrou was also elected to the board of directors of the WaterWeb Consortium a non-profit organization with members from the U.S., Brazil, Peru and Uruguay. The consortium's goals are to advance water-related issues, promote the use of quality information and share information with stakeholders and decision makers. The organization has a global focus.

Dr. Isaac Elishakoff, J.M. Rubin Distinguished Professor, mechanical engineering, spent his sabbatical during the spring in Japan, China and Israel. In Japan, he served as a Fellow of the Japan Society of Promotion of Science at the University of Kyoto, Department of Architecture and Architectural Engineering, the group of optimization. He gave several lectures at various universities: "Can one hear the shape of the drum, and related topics" at the University of Kyoto, "Vibration and bucking of inhomogeneous structures" at the University of Tokyo, Department of Applied Mathematics, "Recent developments in stochastic mechanics" at the Tohoku University, Department of Constructions and "Safety factors and reliability—recent advances" at the University of Osaka, Department of Aerospace Engineering. In the People’s Republic of China, at the Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, also known as Beijhang University, he served as the Visiting Eminent Scholar and lectured on "Inhomogeneous structures and their vibration and buckling" at the Department of Solid Mechanics and "Developments and challenges in stochastic mechanics. At the Peking University, Department of Mechanics he lectured on "Closed-form solution of inhomogeneous structures." In Israel he performed joint research with several faculty members of the University Center in Ariel and gave lectures at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Faculty of Civil Engineering on "Safety factors and reliability: friends or foes?"; he also lectured at the Tel-Aviv University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering on "Vibrations and stability of functionally graded structures". At the Braude-Ort Academic College in Karmiel he lectured on "Recent developments in safety factors." At the OU NCSY Israel Center, Jerusalem, his lecture was on "The Bible and mathematics." He also gave a lecture at Machanaim, Jerusalem ; the topic of the lecture was "Do the Scripture and math disagree on number pi?"

Dr. Patrick Jacobs, exercise science and health promotion, recently published an article titled "New functional electrical stimulation approaches to standing and walking" in the Journal of Neural Engineering with several coauthors, V. Mushahwar, R. Normann, R. Triolo and N. Kleitman.

Dr. Spyros Magliveras, mathematical sciences, and Dr. Ranier Steinwandt, mathematics, were plenary speakers at the the 7th Central European Conference on Cryptology at the Conference Center Smolenice Castle, Smolenice, Slovakia. Dr. Magliveras presented on “Group Theoretic Cryptology” and Dr. Steinwandt presented on “Group Key Establishment: Some Security Goals and Constructions.” Dr. Magliveras was an invited speaker at the conference on Combinational Designs which included certain general geometries that have application in coding theory. This conference was in honor of the 70th birthday of Alex Rosa and his design theory. The conference was held in Bratislavia, Slovakia.

Dr. Martha Mendoza, languages, linguistics and comparative literature, published an article titled "Derivational Resources in P'urhepecha: Morphological Complexity and Verb Formation" in the latest issue of Acta Linguistica Hungarica, the Linguistics Journal of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (volume 54(2), 2007).

Dr. Caren S. Neile, director of the South Florida Storytelling Project in the School of Communication & Multimedia Studies and School of the Arts, taught under the auspices of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem this summer as a Fulbright Scholar.


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