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Pediatric Patient Simulator
Aids Nursing Students

Nursing students at the Treasure Coast Campus witness a demonstration of the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing’s new pediatric patient simulator, “Pedia-Sim,” which provides students the opportunity to apply their knowledge of pediatric clinical situations in a low-risk, controlled environment. The simulator consists of a life-like manikin that interfaces with a computer to stimulate a 6-year-old child’s responses. Pedia-Sim can recognize and respond to nursing interventions and medications and has many human physical traits such as a heartbeat and pulse. It can also blink, breath and cry. Students can practice many scenarios, such as treating a child experiencing an asthma attack.


Hospice Conference Hosted by
Treasure Coast Campus

The Treasure Coast campus co-hosted and participated in the Hospice Foundation of America’s 14th Annual National Bereavement Teleconference titled “Living with Grief: Before and After the Death.” This free educational program, moderated by Frank Sesno, professor of media and public affairs at The George Washington University and CNN special correspondent, was broadcast live via satellite (see photo) and webcast. It provided an educational forum in which a panel of experts explored the most current theoretical perspectives on loss and grief as experienced by persons affected by life-limiting illnesses and by survivors following the death of loved ones. The teleconference was followed by a 30-minute live panel discussion featuring grief and loss experts, including FAU’s Professor of Counselor Education William Nicoll, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of Social Work Diane Green, Ph.D., MSW.



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