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Dr. Isaac Elishakoff and his students from the Analytical Methods and Eigenvalue Problems in Engineering class turned Feb. 7 — 2/7 , 2.7 or "e-day" — into a celebration, first ever in the world, of the number "e," a real number constant utilized in mathematical and engineering formulas. The number "e" is both irrational and transcendental and has a numerical value of approximately 2.71828. It is often used in engineering, business and other areas of human endeavor.

President and Mrs. Brogan celebrated their son Colby John’s first birthday by raising funds for the Karen Slattery Educational Research Center's Peter and Nona Gordon Library and hosting a book drive last month at the Eleanor R. Baldwin House. Part of Mrs. Brogan's efforts to promote early childhood reading initiatives, the event was attended by more than 120 children and adults. Colby John (above) is seen above with some of the books collected to help fill the shelves of the center's library which suffered extensive water damage in Hurricane Wilma.


FAU and Indian River Community College trustees recently came together for a reception celebrating the long-standing IRCC/FAU partnership. The two institutions have been working together for more than 30 years to bring higher education opportunities to the Treasure Coast. The event was held in the Treasure Coast campus library, a facility operated by FAU, IRCC and St. Lucie County.



Two of the world’s most esteemed mathematicians — one created the field of fractal geometry and the other has successfully applied these theories to medical diagnostics — were inducted into FAU’s Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Hall of Fame. From left to right are Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies Larry Lemanski; 2006 inductee, Bartelle Fellow at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Sterling Professor Emeritus of Mathematical Sciences-Yale University and IBM Fellow Emeritus Benoit Mandelbrot; 2006 inductee and professor of Mathematical Sciences and Biomedical Sciences Heinz-Otto Peitgen; President Brogan;Boca Raton Community Hospital CEO Gary Strack and Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Dean Nathan Dean.


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