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Board of Trustees Creates
"Blueprint" for FAU's Future

A “blueprint” to chart FAU’s course into the future began to take shape at the September Board of Trustees’ retreat. The annual two-day meeting is part of the strategic planning process outlined and adopted by the Board last year. Through talks, presentations and discussions, the Board members—Chair Sherry Plymale, Vice Chair Norman Tripp, Scott Adams, Nancy Blosser, Dr. Bill Bryant, David Feder, Armand Grossman, Dr. Rajendra P. Gupta, Lalita M. Janke, Virginia Miller, Dr. George Zoley, Faculty Representative Dr. Roy Levow and Student Representative Dan Wilson—developed a number of policy recommendations to direct the University’s growth.

“The retreat provided the Board with the opportunity to discuss a wide variety of issues in great depth,” President Brogan said. “It was an intense but very productive two-day session that helped the Board set important priorities for FAU's future."

One key focus that emerged was the need to craft a more traditional university atmosphere at FAU to attract more full-time students. This process will involve continuing to make FAU more student-friendly, increasing recruiting efforts, increasing the number of students who live on-campus, expanding job placement initiatives, and promoting areas of excellence in undergraduate education.

The Board charged the Strategic Planning Council—a University-wide body that is playing a key role in the development of a strategic plan for FAU—with deciding a number of issues, among them:

  • How large should FAU grow? (Board members agreed to focus on enhancements within the current campus structure.)
  • How can the University use information technology, including distance learning options, to meet program needs?
  • How can the University foster entrepreneurship and innovation among faculty and students?
  • How can technology transfer and the commercialization of research initiatives be streamlined?

Additional issues that Board members want addressed include:

  • a review of the process through which students evaluate faculty members,
  • establishment of a time-frame for a major fundraising campaign,
  • development of a public information policy aimed at heightening awareness of offerings on all FAU campuses,
  • development and funding of information technology systems to serve program needs, and
  • strengthening customer focus for the University.

Topics identified for study at workshops to be held by the end of 2005 include:

  • addressing the need for capital projects to build housing and other facilities on FAU’s campuses,
  • fostering greater faculty interaction,
  • analyzing the need for campus-specific programs,
  • identifying a mission for each campus and integrating that mission with the University’s,
  • increasing admission standards,
  • enhancing services for non-traditional students,
  • establishing an orientation for new Trustees, and
  • developing a master technology plan that includes enhancement of distance learning services.

For more information about the Board of Trustees, go to www.fau.edu/about/bot/index.htm. For more information on the Strategic Planning Council, go to www.fau.edu/strategicplan/index.htm.




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