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Multi-Tasking Includes Supporting FAU

As office manager for the administrative hub of the University Center, Gayle Evans is an expert in the art of multi-tasking. Seated at a circular work station in a large, airy suite on the second floor of the University Center, Evans enjoys the flurry of activity that surrounds her as she effortlessly keeps the flow of the office running smoothly. What makes Evans such a success at what she does is her willingness to get involved. Not an advocate for on-the-job isolationism, Evans, who regularly interfaces with faculty, staff and students, is well known throughout the Boca Raton campus for her helpfulness. Her warm demeanor has afforded her special status as “mother” to FAU’s diverse student body. “The students are where my heart is,” she says.

Born and raised in South Florida, Evans graduated from Coconut Creek High School. Her career has taken her to positions in banking and at Motorola. In addition she has worked as a day care provider. She began her affiliation with FAU 11 years ago as a member of the Student Development and Activities staff.

Evans contributes, through payroll deduction, directly to FAU’s women’s basketball program. Her interest in the sport began when her daughter Alicia, now a 23-year-old who is planning to enroll in the Christine E. Lynn College of Nursing, was a young, aspiring basketball player. “Through my gift I am able to pay tribute to my daughter’s time on the basketball court,” says Evans. “It doesn’t matter which college, department or program you chose to support. What is important is to give to the annual campaign.”

If you would like to make a gift to support FAU through payroll deductions, contact Tony Lee, assistant director of Annual Giving, at 561-297-1053 or gifts@fau.edu.





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