FAU Majorette and Colorguard Information


The Florida Atlantic University Department of Music invites interested candidates to audition for the Marching Owls Colorguard or Majorette line. Participants in the auxiliary units perform with the Marching Owls at all home football games, selected away games, parades, and a post-season bowl game. Each member also receives a University Scholarship to help with the cost of tuition.

Auditions for these groups traditionally takes place at the end of April prior to the upcoming football season. These auditions are held on the Boca Raton campus of FAU.  Audition videos can also be submitted prior to the audition deadline for those unable to make the on-campus auditions.


The 1st Round of 2017 Colorguard auditions are Saturday April 29th in the FAU Arena.

Sign-up for audition via online form below.

The auditions will be on the campus of Florida Atlantic University (Boca Raton).

Auditions will begin at 8:30am for colorguard and 10:00am for majorettes. Warm-up will begin at 8:00am. Auditions will be held at the Florida Atlantic University arena called “The Burrow”.


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1)    Candidates must be above average in skills of marching and performing as determined by the auditions.

2)    Candidates must present acceptable performance appearance, body coordination, and display physical stamina.

3)    Candidates must be willing to work with people in a group situation.

4)    Members must attend all rehearsals and performances of the FAU Marching Owls including post-season travel to a bowl game, which will occur during winter vacation. No exceptions will be made to this requirement.

5)    Must be eligible as laid out in the Prospective members section of the Marching Owls website



Candidates must wear tennis shoes or athletic shoes; uniforms are not required. All candidates will be measured for a uniform so that this information will be on hand immediately after auditions. (This information will be private and held in confidence.

 1) Prepare a solo routine of your own design to music of your choice. Please observe the limits of between 2 minutes (minimum) and 3 minutes (maximum). You must demonstrate skill in basic handling of flag equipment as well as advanced maneuvers. At least 50% of the routine MUST be done while marching or doing dance steps. The routine must be performed to recorded music; please bring your own compact disc or MP3 player. A speaker with a ¼ inch cord compatible with phones and otherMP3 devices will be available.

 2) You will be taught a new routine, including marching fundamentals, foot and flag work by a staff member on site. Candidates will be judged on how quickly and accurately they learn the material.



Uniform: Solo or group costume of choice, nude or tan tights, white or nude shoes. Wear your hair as you normally would wear it for your performances. Makeup should be appropriate for a field performance.

Dance-twirl routine: A 2-3 minute original Dance-Twirl Routine will be performed to your own music. P lease bring your own compact disc or MP3 player. A speaker with a ¼ inch cord compatible with phones and other MP3 devices will be available.

The following elements should be included in your routine:

A)   3-turn or higher

B)   Toss Illusion

C)   Toss Reverse Illusion

D)   High toss cartwheel and/or High toss walkover

E)    Split right and/or left

F)    2-baton

G)   3-baton

*At least 50% of the routine MUST be done while marching or doing dance steps.


CLICK HERE for Downloadable Version of Requirements.


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