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Presenting programs for LLS


Regardless of whether you are attending a multi-week series, a one-time event, or purchasing a guest pass, the Lifelong Learning Society has included the cost of parking in your ticket price. However, you must register your license plate and state of registration with the Lifelong Learning Society. Even if you are attending only one lecture, you must note your license plate and state of registration a give the information to a staff member in the lobby. Failure to have your license plate and state of registration on file with the Lifelong Learning Society will result in a parking citation.

All lecture series attendees are required to park in COMMUTER SECTIONS ONLY (Identified as Blue Lots.) DO NOT PARK IN A RED DESIGNATED SECTION. FAU parking rules are
in effect twenty-four hours, every day of the year. Lot 15 has been designated for the
exclusive use of LLS patrons. Please see orange signs.

Disabled tags allow you to use disabled spaces, but you still must register your license plate and state of registration with the Lifelong Learning Society.

Pay stations and meters are reserved for visitors only, not LLS patrons.

Vehicles are required to park “nose-in” in parking spaces. Backing in or pulling through spaces is not permitted when parking a vehicle.

In order to secure parking, which at times may be difficult, you are encouraged to arrive at your lecture or event at least one-half hour prior to starting time.

Parking lots: (see map)

  • Lot 15 - across from the Friedberg Auditorium, has been designated for the exclusive
    use of LLS patrons. See orange signs. If lot 15 is full, parking may be available in the
    lots below.

  • Lot 12 is the lot designated for parking for the occasional courtesy shuttle bus to/
    from the Friedberg Auditorium. As a convenience and service to our patrons, door-to-
    door shuttle service is provided on certain days at specified hours, depending
    on enrollments
    . The schedule of shuttle service is available in the Gilman Lobby of
    the Friedberg Auditorium or on the LLS website at, under "Shuttle
    Service Schedule."

    To get to Lot 12: From the main FAU entrance on Glades Road go past Lot 15 and the Friedberg Auditorium. At the 2nd light (Volusia St.), there is signage for Lot 12. Make a left turn and follow signs to Lot 12. From the Spanish River Blvd. entrance, make a right-hand turn at the football stadium stoplight. After going through the next stop light, there is signage for Lot 12 on the right, make a right turn at Volusia Street, go to the end past the gym. Signage for Lot 12 will be ahead.

  • Lot 16 - south of the Friedberg Auditorium, if space is available.
  • Garage 1 - on Volusia Street, if space is available.
  • Lot 10 - north of lot 15, if space is available.

For more information on parking, please see the Directions and Parking Section on the LLS

RULES FOR USING THE FRIEDBERG AUDITORIUM: No smoking, eating, or drinking (except water) are permitted anywhere in the building, INCLUDING THE LOBBY.
Ticket holders may not reserve more than two seats for accompanying friends.

EMERGENCY: If an emergency occurs in the auditorium or other venue, tell a staff member,
who will call 911. This call will simultaneously go to the FAU Police Department. If an emergency occurs on campus, use the emergency phones, or ask someone to call 911 for you.


Contact Information
FAU main website
FAU main phone number 561-297-3000
FAU toll-free hotline (for emergencies) 1-888-8FAUOWL (832-8695)
FAU Police 561-297-3500
FAU Parking and Transportation Services 561-297-2771
FAU Night Owl Escort Program 561-297-6695 (7pm - 11pm, Monday - Friday)

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