Department of Languages, Linguistics & Comparative Literature
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Emanuele Pettener
PhD Comparative Studies, 

Senior Instructor of Italian
Areas of Expertise
Modern & Comtemporary Italian Literature
John Fante

Emanuele Pettener was born in Venice, Italy, and has lived in the United State
s since  2000. 
He teaches Italian language and literature at Florida  Atlantic University, where  he received  his
Ph.D in Comparative Studies  in 2004.


  He is the author of three novels: 

-        Arancio (Priamo/Meligrana, 2014) http://www.ibs.it/code/9788868150761/pettener-emanuele/arancio.html

-        Proust per bagnanti (Tropea: Meligrana, 2013)  http://www.amazon.com/Proust-bagnanti-Italian-Edition-ebook/dp/B00CP3I00W

-        E’ sabato mi hai lasciato e sono bellissimo (Ferrara: Corbo Editore, 2009) http://www.amazon.it/sabato-hai-lasciato-sono-bellissimo/dp/8882691179


A collection of short stories in English:

-        A Season in Florida (Bordighera, 2014). http://www.amazon.com/A-Season-Florida-Emanuele-Pettener/dp/1599540541

and the critical essay:

-        Nel nome del padre del figlio e dell’umorismo. I romanzi di John Fante (Florence: Franco Cesati Editore, 2010). http://www.francocesatieditore.com/testovis-240.html

He edited the special issue of “Nuova Prosa” n. 50 (2009): a collection of articles and short-stories with the title “Essere o non essere italoamericani” (Milan: Greco&Greco, 2009). http://www.wetheitalians.com/index.php/washington-dc-news/washington-dc-heritage/3338-essere-o-non-essere-italoamericani-un-introduzione-da-essere-o-non-essere-italoamericani-nuova-prosa-n-50-2009

Emanuele's articles and interviews with writers have appeared in Italian and American journals and books.

His short essay “Italian/American stereotypes in Italian/American movies” has been published by the Croatian literary journal LICUS.

Some of Emanuele’s fiction writing that was published in Italian literary magazines has been translated by Tom di Salvo and published in American magazines:

  -        Portrait in Green with Proust in “The Mississippi Crow”

  -        The Night I Became a Real Man in “Big Pulp”  http://www.bigpulp.com/adventure/pettener_realman.html

  -        Interview with Oscar Wilde in “The American Drivel”

  -        A Season in Florida in “Sliptongue”

He wrote in English the novella “Grassona” , published first by the FAU literary magazine “Coastline” and then by the webmagazine “Bewildering Stories”.  http://www.bewilderingstories.com/issue302/grassona1.html 

  Emanuele is the co-founder, with Marco Crestani, of the literary blog and publishing house “Priamo”. http://www.priamoedit.it/

He has just been appointed director of the Series “Pop” for Corbo editore, that will mostly publish American works translated in Italian for the first time.







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