Dr. Ella Levy
PhD, Nova Southeastern University
Instructor of Hebrew
Areas of Expertise
Hebrew and Judaic Studies

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     Dr. Ella Levy

Dr. Ella Levy

Dr. Levy was born in Jerusalem, Israel. She attended Elementary and High School in Jerusalem. She was later accepted to Wingate Institute for Physical Education and became a certified Physical Education teacher, a swimming coach, and an Israeli folk dancing instructor.


In 1979, Dr. Levy relocated to the United States and attended Florida International University (FIU). She graduated from FIU in 1982 and then proceeded to complete the CAJE requirements and became a Hebrew and Judaic studies teacher.


Dr. Levy has more than 27 years of experience in teaching Hebrew and Judaic Studies.  She was an active Board member of the Central Agency for Jewish Education in Miami and a member of the Office of the President for the Hebrew Alliance Teachers. In 2004, Dr. Levy earned the reputable Grinspoon-Steinhardt Award for Excellence in Jewish Education. In 2005 Dr. Levy presented the Effectiveness of Incorporating Music in Teaching Hebrew and Judaic at the Network Research in Jewish Education (NRJE) conference at Brandeis University .  In 2006 she earned the Torah Aura Award in Curriculum and Administration.


Dr. Levy holds a Master and Doctoral degree in Education from Nova Southeastern University. She is specializing in Organizational Leadership and Educational Leadership. For her dissertation, Dr. Levy developed a training program for teachers to incorporate multiple intelligences within classroom instruction. The program promotes the premise that students need to be taught according to their individual learning styles and to be provided with nurturing loving experiences. Dr. Levy holds a Principal’s and a Jewish Family Educator Licenses from the National Board of License for Teachers and Principals of Jewish Schools in North America. In 2006, Dr. Levy relocated to Vancouver, Canada and became the Head of School of Richmond Jewish Day School.  Dr. Levy recently relocated back to South Florida and is now the Instructor of the Hebrew Studies and the Outreach Director for the Jewish Studies at Florida Atlantic University.

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