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Amel Khalfaoui

PhD Linguistics, University of Minnesota (2009)

Areas of expertise:
                                           syntax-pragmatics interface
                                           language and cognition

Email: Amel.Khalfaoui@fau.edu

Office Phone: 561-297-0342

Amel Khalfaoui, assistant professor of Linguistics and Arabic in the Department of Languages Linguistics and Comparative Literatures. She teaches courses in linguistics and Arabic. She is coordinator of the Arabic program at FAU. She holds a PhD in Linguistics with a minor in cognitive science from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. Her research interests include pragmatics, syntax-pragmatics interface, language and cognition, reference. In her current research, she uses a methodology that combines questionnaires and data collected from different genres to show how the distribution and interpretation of demonstrative forms can be determined by cognitive and pragmatic factors.

Current courses

Courses taught previously

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Macalester College

St. Cloud State University


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