Department of Sociology
Dr. Robert Trammell

Ph.D. Cornell University
Professor of Linguistics
Email: trammell@fau.edu          

Areas of Expertise
General Linguistics
Linguistics and ESL
Phonetics and Phonology
Linguistics and Reading Education
African American English
American Language and Dialects

Dr. Robert Trammell is a professor of General Linguistics and Educational Linguistics (ESL and Reading). He received his B.A. degree from Louisiana State University in English Literature. At Cornell University he earned both his Masters and Ph.D. degrees in General Linguistics with minors in Psycholinguistics and Romance Linguistics. He teaches a variety of Undergraduate and Graduate courses in the core areas of both the B.A. and Masters programs such as Introduction to Linguistics, Contrastive Phonology, Morphology and Syntax, and Sociolinguistics. He also teaches courses such as Applied Linguistics and TESOL (ESL), Linguistics and Reading, African American Vernacular English, and Language, Government and Education as electives at both levels. His areas of interest and research are: African American English (its linguistic structure and its relation to standard English), the learning of standard English by nonstandard speakers, the different pronunciations of standard English in different talking dictionaries, linguistics and learning to read with sound-letter correspondences (phonics), the narrow phonetics of English, and Cajun French dialects. Dr. Trammell has published articles in a number of well known journals such as the French Review, The Journal of Psycholinguistic Research, Language Learning, and American Speech. His work has also been published in Russia and China (in translation). Finally, he is the faculty advisor to the students’ FAU Linguistics Society (FAULS).

Courses Taught

Introduction to Linguistics
Contrastive Phonology (English with French, German, and Spanish)
Applied Linguistics and Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)
African American Vernacular English
French Phonology
Transformational Generative Grammar
General and Experimental Phonetics
French Morphology and Syntax
French Reading for Research

Linguistics and Reading
Morphology and Syntax
Principles of Linguistic Analysis
Language, Government & Education
History and Dialectology of French
Reading for Research in French

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