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Societies, Journals, and other resources for Linguists

Linguist List: one of the largest sites with many links and with daily mailings to subscribers on topics of interest to linguists concerning jobs, book reviews, graduate and undergraduate programs, conference announcements, requests for information, and so on ( www.linguistlist.org)

Linguistic Society of America: truly the international society for linguists, with a large site with definitions of all the sub-fields of linguistics, a program directory, resolutions of the society on public language matters such as Ebonics, a list of linguistics journals, links to affiliated organizations, and more ( www.lsadc.org)

Center for Applied Linguistics: many practical links and information on Ebonics, bilingual education, literacy, foreign language and ESOL instruction, testing, ERIC/CLL, instructional and research materials, newsletter, and more ( www.cal.org)

Summer Institute of Linguistics: another practical site with software, computing, language learning, literacy, translation, and sociolinguistics links and information ( www.sil.org)

American Association of Applied Linguistics: not as extensive as others but with good links to virtual libraries, conferences, and related organizations ( www.aaal.org)

The American Dialect Society: good information and links, especially to Ebonics ( www.americandialect.org)

LingNet: hosted by the Defense Language Institute Foreign Language Center in Monterey, CA; it has links to many uncommonly taught foreign languages (http://www.dliflc.edu/about.html)

Websites for information on African American vernacular English: Start with the Center for Applied Linguistics, American Speech and Hearing Association and Linguist List websites. They have many references and links: Linguist List ( www.linguistlist.org/topics/ebonics); Center for Applied Linguistics ( www.cal.org/ebonics); ASHA American Speech & Hearing Association ( www.asha.org).

Center for Advanced Research on Language Acquisition – coordinating office for programs devoted to research and program development in second language teaching, learning, and assessment.

Anthropological Linguistics – subscription and submission information, plus the contents of recent volumes.

International Journal of American Linguistics – tables of contents, submission guidelines, subscription and advertising rates.

Translation Journal – discusses issues of translation as they affect business.

MAS Model of Vowel Perception – visually identifying raw complex waveforms has led to a new model of vowel perception.

Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics – research in the study of mental processes involved in language production, comprehension, acquisition, and cognition.

Michigan State University – Psycholinguistics and Visual Cognition Laboratory

Psycholinguistics and Computational Cognition Lab at University of California, Riverside – research lab headed by Dr. Curt Burgess, doing work in cognitive science, computer science, neural networks, psycholinguistics, etc.

Columbia University – Human Communication Laboratory - studies communicative behavior from a social psychological perspective. Intro to research projects and findings available.

Linguistic Data Consortium – creates, collects and distributes speech and text databases, lexicons and other resources for research and development purposes.

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