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Read to Lead: Leadership Reading Circles

What are Leadership Reading Circles?

Leadership Reading Circles are small groups of students who gather to read and discuss a book that is applicable to leadership development. A faculty member facilitates discussion among the group based on assigned readings for the session. Typically, the circles meet 5-6 times over the course of a semester, and include discussion on issues in leadership, ethics, current events, and other relevant topics.

This Falls selection of books is sure to inspire provoking conversation. If you would like to suggest a book for your peers, organizations, academic colleges or departments to be hosted in future semesters please email


Spring Reading Circles


Emerging Young Leaders Program

EYL Flyer

 The Emerging Young Leaders is a program designed to enhance the scholarship, personal growth, and social engagement of Freshman & Sophomore FAU students. The program is a semester long initiative that will consist of a calendar of opportunities that will engage students in positive campus and community involvement, which is critical for effective leadership.

When followed by the Certified Student Leader program, these two programs work to show growth in leadership as a student by first completing the Emerging Young Leaders (EYL) program as a freshman or sophomore and then completing the Certified Student Leader (CSL) program as an upperclassmen or a graduate student. As a result of completing the CSL program you will receive a notation on your official transcript as a “Certified Student Leader” showing you, graduate/professional schools and prospective employers the value you put on leadership.

Completion of the Emergent Young Leaders program awards students with a certificate of completion, and automatically qualifies you as eligible for the Certified Student Leader program.

EYL Program Information

 Certified Student Leader Program

The Certified Student Leader program is a co-curricular certification available to students at the Florida Atlantic University interested in enhancing their leadership knowledge, application, and skills through a variety of leadership opportunities.

These opportunities may be tailored to students own interests, many of which are offered over the course of the academic year. This program must be completed in one academic year. Students can start the certificate program at the beginning of every semester (during the first six weeks). This is an ideal opportunity for students to learn about leadership while allowing for the flexibility to accommodate their busy lives and schedules.

Students who complete the program and are in good academic standing will receive a Certificate and will have the certification noted on their co-curricular transcript.

  CSL Program Information   


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