2017 FAU Jupiter Student Events

Below is a listing of upcoming events taking place at FAU Jupiter. These events are subject to change. 

Student Events

February 2017

February 9 @ 1 – 4pm: Academy for Inclusion information session
February 13 @ 7-8:30pm in SR Atrium: Make Valentine’s Day cards and friendship bracelets
February 15 @ 7-8:30pm in Burrow: Make appreciation cards and goodie bags
February 17 @ 2:30pm in Burrow: Music and socializing to keep the kind vibes flowing
February 17: Application Deadline for Certified Student Leaders Program
February 18 @ 5pm at LLS Auditorium: TEDxFAUJupiter
February 21 @ 10am – 12pm: The Human Library Project

March 2017

March 14 @ 8am to Christina Gass, Office of Financial Aid: Deadline to apply for LLS Scholarships!
March 15: Deadline for John Nambu Summer REU Program

April 2017

April 15 at 12pm: HC Open House

May 2017

May 12 and 13: Flies on the Beach

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