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Scientists and students within the region gathered at Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) on Jan. 29 to network and share their research findings. In collaboration with the Palm Beach Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience, Florida Atlantic University (FAU) and Max Planck Florida Institute (MPFI), Scripps Florida hosted “Synapse 2016,” an annual neuroscience networking event for students and research scientists. Click here for more details.

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JLSI Student Awards

Monica Risley

Recent JLSI Student Awards and Achievements

  • Recipient, The Charles E. Schmidt College of Science 2015 Dissertation of the Year Award: Shweta Singh. 
  • Recipients, Travel Awards to Bonn International Graduate School (BIGS) Meeting in Germany (November 2015): Nanna Ásgeirsdóttir, Joan Lora and Jennifer Krill.
  • Recipient, First Place Award for Best Presentation at Bonn International Graduate School (BIGS) Meeting in Germany (November 2015): Joan Lora.
  • Recipients, Saurino Scholarship (November 2015): Ciny John and Shweta Singh.
  • Recipient, Krinzman Scholarhip (November 2015): Karlis Justs.
  • Representatives, IB Ph.D. Program at FAU Day in Tallahassee (November 2015): Stephanie Kelly and Emir (Tyrone) Penserga.
  • Participants, Electrophysiology Course “ELECTRAIN 2015” at Georg-August-Universitat in Goettingen in May 2015 (will serve as an FAU course model): Brandon Lloyd and Monica Risley.
  • Participants, “Neurizons In Molecular Biology” Meeting at The Max Planck Institute for Biophysical Chemistry in Goettingen (May 2015): Brandon Lloyd, Monica Risley and Nanna Ásgeirsdóttir.
  • Recipients, Saurino Scholarship (April 2014): Monica Risley, Brandon Lloyd and Kent Fairchild.
  • Recipient, Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year from the College of Science (FAU Northern Campus Achievement Award April 2014): Monica Risley.SYNAPSE
  • Recipients, Lifelong Learning Society Scholarship (FAU Northern Campus Achievement Award April 2015): Emir (Tyrone) Penserga and Priyanka Kakad.
  • Recipient, First Place Award in Interdisciplinary Category (FAU GPSA Research Day March 2015): Olena Makhnyeva.
  • Recipients, FAU 2015 Pilot GRIP (Graduate Research and Inquiry Program) Award, Emir (Tyrone) Penserga and Ye Sun.

Other Short News

  • Dr. Kailiang Jia, FAU Associate Professor, was awarded an NIH R15 grant for three years, totaling $356,678.00
  • Dr. Alex Keene has been hired as an Associate Professor in the Biological Sciences Department at FAU and set up his Jupiter-based lab in August 2015. Keene brings one NSF and two NIH grants to FAU. He studies the genetic basis of sleep and memory using the fruit fly and the blind Mexican cavefish. Keene has 29 peer-reviewed articles in high impact journals. He brings five graduate students and one postdoctoral fellow to FAU.
  • Silvana Jaramillo Coordinator, Academic Support has joined the JLSI group and will be the go-to point person for financial issues including grant budgets and contracts.
  • Seven students join the IBAN joint Ph.D. Program in 2015:
    • Jeff van Note (M.S., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)
    • Camillo Yepes (B.S., FAU)
    • Karlis Justs (M.S., FAU)
    • Wesley Bollinger (B.S., George Fox University)
    • Kazuma Murakami (B.S., University of Nevada at Reno)
    • Melissa Slocumb (B.S., University of Nevada at Reno)
    • Maria Yurgel (B.S., Marist College)
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