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SYNAPSEThe Palm Beach Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience (SfN) offers a venue for social and scientific interactions with local neuroscientists. The most recent event was Friday, January 30th, at the Max Planck Florida Institute. Click here for more details.

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Other Short News

  • Dr. Kailiang Jia, FAU Asst Prof, was awarded an NIH R15 grant for three years, totaling $356,678.00
  • Dr. Rindy Anderson joined FAU’s Biology Dept as Asst Prof specializing in animal communication and cognition
  • Dr. Cathy Trivigno, FAU Academic Coordinator, assists Integrative Biology and Neuroscience (IBAN) students and taught Genes and Development
  • Three new students joined the IBAN joint Ph.D. program:
    • Kuo-Sheng Lee (B.S., National Taiwan University)
    • Ye Sun (M.S., University of Texas at Houston)
    • Timothy Holford (B.S., York Technical College of Charleston)


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