Visiting Interns and Scholars

The Exchange Visitor Program (EVP), administered by the U.S. Department of State, is used to bring interns and scholars to the United States.

The EVP furthers the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) mission by facilitating cultural exchanges, fostering international understanding, and meaningful interactions between international students, interns, and scholars, and the university community.

Departments wishing to sponsor an intern, or scholar for the EVP must complete the appropriate form and return it to International Students and Scholars Services along with the appropriate documentation that is listed on the form.

Departments who are interested in sponsoring international visiting scholars must complete the Scholar Request Form (Part I and Part II) in order to obtain the DS-2019 Certificate of Eligibility for a J-1 exchange visitor visa.

If you are unsure about whether the proposed program or employment fits within the EVP J visa program please contact Mihaela Metianu (

J Scholar Form I

J Scholar Form II

This form is for FAU departments requesting a DS2019 for a prospective scholar.

J Intern Application Form

This form is for FAU departments requesting a DS2019 for a prospective intern.

Training/Internship Placement Form (DS-7002)

This form to be completed by the host department when inviting a prospective J-1 Student Intern.

J-1 Intern/Scholar pre-arrival information

This handout provides information regarding visa application and arrival to the U.S. for approved J-1 interns and scholars.

Procedures for newly arrived J-1 Exchange Visitors

This handout provides information for departments hosting non-student J-1 Exchange Visitors (interns, short-term scholars, research scholars, professors, specialists).

Insurance Compliance Form for non-student Exchange Visitors

This form provides information on insurance compliance requirements and options for non-student J-1 visa holders and J-2 dependents.

ISSS contacts for J Exchange Visitor Program

J-1 Scholars Marjorie Strachan
  Edyta Klimczak
J-1 Interns Mihaela Metianu
J-1 Students Edyta Klimczak

Additional information about the Exchange Visitor Program or the J visa can be located in the following links:

  1. Department of State Website
  2. J1 Visa vs J1 Status
  3. Immigration terms
  4. U.S. Embassies Abroad
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