Information Regarding Wire Transfers Sent to Florida Atlantic University

The Office of the Controller at FAU has outlined a procedure for wire transferring money to the University for the expenses of tuition, fees, living costs, medical insurance, books and supplies. Students are advised to read the “Procedure for Wire Transfers” to make sure they have a clear understanding of the process.

There is a $5.00 Wire Transfer Fee assessed on the student’s account when the funds are applied to the students account.

If needed, International students can request an “Estimate of Expenses” letter from the ISSS office which can be supplied to the student’s overseas bank. The “Estimate of Expenses” letter outlines the amount of money needed to attend FAU for one semester.

To facilitate a smooth transition of the wire transfer funds, students must complete an “Incoming Wire Transfer of Funds” form and supply an explanatory document from the bank. The explanatory document must be on official letterhead from the originating source (the initiating financial institution or bank). All funds received by wire will first be applied to outstanding student balances. Excess funds will be refunded to the student if the excess is identified in the explanatory document (i.e., miscellaneous living expenses, books, health fees, etc.). Any excess funds that are not covered by the explanatory document will be returned to the originating source.

For additional information regarding the Wire Transfer Process, please visit the Office of the Controller, Cash Management Website by clicking here.

For Tuition Information for International Students Click Here

Additional cost and payment information is located on the FAU controller's website.

 Last Modified 11/8/16