Student Organization Online Training

Student Organization Online Training

You are now one step closer to fulfilling the requirement of Student Organization Training. In order for your organization to receive credit for completing this training you MUST take the assessment and receive an 80% or higher. You will receive a confirmation email once YOU have taken the assessment to let you know of YOUR status. You have until September 28, 2013 to successfully complete this training (80% or higher)!
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First Name
Last Name
Please type it in the following format (ZXXXXXXXX)
FAU Email Address
Phone Number
Primary Organization you are representing for the purposes of this training: (Type the FULL name of the organization)
Providng this information is how your organization will receive credit for re-registration
Primary Organization Officer Title
(Ex. President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.)
Organization # 2 (Type the FULL name of the organization)
Officer Title for Organization # 2
(President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.)
Organization # 3 (Type the FULL name of the organization)
Officer Title for Organization # 3
(President, Vice President, Treasurer, etc.)
Organization Council Affiliation:
Please select the category that applies to your organization. If you are representing more than one organization that fall in different categories, please check the boxes for all.
Does your organization recruit and initiate members?
This includes Academic Organizations, Honor Societies, Fraternities and Sororities that have membership drives, new member periods and/or participate in any type of recruitment


Please answer the following questions. Once you have completed this section, you will be directed to an additional section with council/campus questions. If you are representing more than one type of organization, please complete all sections that are applicable.


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Student Organization Responsibilities

What is the required minimum GPA to be an officer in a registered student organization at FAU?
Students must be enrolled in the following number of credits per semester to be an officer of a student organization

CollegiateLink / OwlCentral

What is the online resource for all registered student organizations?
A student organization can request Club House services through OwlCentral.
Student organizations can advertise events on OwlCentral through:
Presidents or primary contacts need to approve or deny students membership requests on OwlCentral.

Event Planning

If I submit the Event Registration form electronically, I must do the following...
Please check all that apply.
If I submit the Event Registration Form in paper format, I must do the following...
Where can I find and submit an Event Registration form?
What types of student organization events do I need to register with the University?
What are cases in which you could use an approved food vendor that is not Chartwells (You must have an approved food waiver)?
Please check all that apply.
Where do I submit a food waiver form?
As a student organization we can show a movie at an event if one of our members has the DVD.
Which of the following would require a contract for services?
Please check all that apply.

Promotion and Marketing

Before I post flyers, I must...
Where can student organizations post flyers?
When is the deadline to submit a request for a MyFAU announcement?


You need to be fiscally certified in order to turn in expense paperwork using COSO funds.
What types of funding are available through COSO?
Please check all that apply
When is the online packet for COSO Annual Funding available?
In what instances can you be reimbursed for your personal funds with COSO funds?
As a student organization, you can estblish an off-campus bank account.
Please check all that apply.


How many weeks prior to traveling do you need to turn in your travel paperwork?
COSO funding can be used for Travel Expenses.
In order to get the funding and be reimbursed, I must have all my receipts AND be pre-approved for travel.


You are able to request resources and equipment from COSO.
I can request to have a leadership training specifically for my student organization by emailing

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