Leadership Resource Center

The Leadership Resource Center contains a variety of books and handouts on leadership, including topics such as leadership theory and styles, motivation, delegation, networking, publicity, diversity, and other topics relevant to leadership and management. Anyone with an OWL card may review the materials in the library or check out an item for a total of 2 weeks. The Leadership Resource Center is located in the Student Involvement Office in the Student Union, room 220.

The Office of Student Involvement has compiled the following list of online resources for student interested in learning more about leadership:


asga -Student Leader Magazine http://www.asgaonline.com


dosomething-Do Something http://www.dosomething.org



yl -Youth Leadership www.YouthLeadership.com


ra-Resident Assistant www.residentassistant.com


-Center for Creative Leadership http://www.ccl.org/index.shtml


LeaderShape -Leadership Inc. http://www.leadershape.org


 Last Modified 12/12/14