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Student Activities and Involvement

College is a total living and learning experience, incorporating both academics and personal growth. As you will soon discover, academic and personal growth can be enhanced by being involved in one of the great opportunities that exist on campus. These opportunities can range from joining a student organization, campus employment, sports clubs or even assisting in research with faculty. You have a passion or a desire and we will find a way for you to get connected here at FAU. No matter what time of day or which day of the week it is, there is something in which you can get involved in.


New Student Organization Formation!


The window for new student organization formation is now closed, it will reopen again on Monday, August 21st to correspond with the first day of classes for the Fall 2017 semester. For more information on the process to start a new organization please click here.


Get Involved!

Are you looking for something to do or an organization to get involved with? Check out OwlCentral for your connection to involvement at FAU. It is never too late to make your mark here at FAU!


 Last Modified 6/27/17