Why You Need a Co-Curricular Transcript


1. To record your involvement throughout your FAU expe rience

Serving as an online feature in OwlCentral, the Co-Curricular transcript records your involvement in co-curricular activities. Once you  register on OwlCentral and join organizations, every student organization membership is recorded on your co-curricular transcript. You can even self-record your involvement upon verification by the Leadership Education and Development office. In essence, this transc ript serves to accentuate your personal journey and provides a holistic view of your skills and abilities.
 2. To assist in co-curricular goal setting

The co-curricular transcript will assist you in recollecting your roles, responsibilities, and participation in activities. It gives you an understanding of where you performed well, which activities you enjoyed, and helps you streamline your interests and set goals for the next phase of your student life.

3. To highlight leadership and involvement experiences when looking for jobs and internships

Companies are increasingly looking for diversity in students – especially with regard to leadership experiences and team participation.  The co-curricular transcript serves as a perfect tool to help you to easily articulate your leadership experiences in a job or an internship interview. Furthermore, ‘what are your passions and interests?’ is a very common question during an interview – the co-curricular transcript will help you validate your answer with verified participation in your areas of interest.

4. To complement your academic transcript

The co-curricular transcript is also a tool that complements your academic transcripts. While an academic transcript gives an overview of your academic performance, the co-curricular transcript provides a clear picture of your out-of-class experiences.

5. To support award and scholarship applications

The co-curricular transcript serves as a great tool of distinction while applying for a graduate assistant-ship, scholarships, or awards. The co-curricular transcript gives you an opportunity to support your cover letters with concise information about your involvement and leadership experiences.


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To create and download your Co-Curricular Transcript – follow the below instructions:

Step 1: Log into OwlCentral with your  FAU username and password.

Step 2: Click on the “My Involvement” tab and then click on “Co-Curricular Transcript”.

Step 3:  Customize the viewing, save versions and download .pdf versions of your co-curricular transcript.

Step 4: Add Self-Reported Experiences by clicking on the “My Involvement” tab and then click on “Experiences.”  Complete one form per Experience.

Adapted from: https://studentlife.purdue.edu/2014/02/13/five-reasons-why-you-need-a-co-curricular-transcript/


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