How to Change your Club Advisor

All student organizations are required to have a full time faculty advisor employed by Florida Atlantic University. If you currently have an advisor, but would like to switch advisors we recommend that you first inform your current advisor of your desire for a new advisor and once a new advisor has been identified, please update the changes on Collegiate Link and notify the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership as soon as the changes have been made.

Tips for Maintaining a Good Relationship with Your Advisor

The following are tips for maintaining a good relationship with your advisor.

  1. Keep the advisor informed of meetings and activities

  2. Set a meeing time that is convienent for both the member and the advisor. If this is not possible, ask the advisor if he or she could make it to one general meeting a month and see if you can set up a weekly or bi-weekly meeting for the officers and advisors to keep each other informed.

  3. Sit down with your advisor and talk about proposed activities. Let him/her know what he/she can help yo with. Don't wait until the last minute before going to talk with your advisor.

  4. Do things in a timely manner; don't expect your advisor to be able to drop everything to help you with a last minute request. Don't ask the advisor to do work that you should do for yourself.

  5. Keep in mind that your advisor volunteered for this position because he/she wanted to help you. Advisors do not get paid for their time. Keeping them informed and saying "thank you" for their help goes a long way in keeping a good advisor for your organization.

  6. Be honest.

  7. Encourage advisors to attend advisor roundtables, workshops and other leadership opportunities with you and the members of your group. 



 Last Modified 12/12/14