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The Event Planning Office is located right next to the SIL Resource Center, located in the Student Union, Room 203. The event planning staff assists student organization with reservations for their meetings and events in the Student Union.


The Breezeway is a great place to advertise your meetings and events, as well as recruit new members for your club! Tables are available on the Breezeway Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. All registered student organizations are able to reserve a table in the breezeway by filling out the form online requests are approved by the Student Union.

Student Organization Workshops

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership sponsors leadership workshops and seminars throughout the year designed specifically for student organizations and advisors. These workshops are designed to help students learn about leadership, enhance their skills, discuss concerns, and help make student organizations and their leaders more effective and successful. Monthly Club Shops are offered for both student organization members and advisors. Information regarding these workshops will be sent directly to the Registered Student Organization E-mailand posted on MyFAU.


Mailboxes are issued only to registered student organizations, free of charge. Student Organizations mailboxes are located in the FAU Club House, Room 203 of the Student Union. Mail will be directly placed in the box, along with important information about meetings and upcoming events. Its is the responsibility of each organization to pick the mail to ensure that the mail is received in a timely fashion.

Please use the following address when requesting mail be sent to your student organization mailbox:

FAU Student Union
ATTN: Student Organization Name
777 Glades Road, UN 220
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Resource Files

Looking for information about fundraising, recruitment, time management, delegation, and other topics? Visit the Resource Files located in the SIL Resource Center, Room 203 of the Student Union. Pick up informational handouts on all types of leadership topics to benefit yourself and your organization.

Student Organization Consulting

The SIL Resource Centerprovides consultation services to entire organizations and individual students. If an organization is experiencing a certain problem, come toSIL for assistance. Professional staff members and trained students will provide strategies to help alleviate and solve the problem.


All student organizations are able to publicize their upcoming events by posting on CollegiateLink, general announcements to employees, and MyFAU.

Specify where you’d like the announcement to be disseminated

  • MyFAU announcements
  • the site
  • Announcements of General Interest (for employees)

Subject Line (cannot exceed 45 characters):

Body of Announcement (please send the following information in paragraph format):

  • Event name
  • Date
  • Time
  • Location (include room number, building, campus)
  • Description (three sentences or less)
  • Sponsoring college, department or group
  • Contact information for event (clarify if RSVP’s are necessary)
  • Contact information for listing (if different from event contact info.)

Only approved events will be posted.

SIL Resource Center

All student organization have access to theSIL Resource Centersupplies, including banner paper, poster board, colored paper, markers, glue, staplers, paper cutter, etc. These supplies are provided to help your organization market its meetings, events, and activities successfully. The Club House also provides balloons and helium, as well as die cut machine, laminator, and button machine. These supplies are all free to student organizations and can be accessed by coming in to the Resource Center, Room 203 of the Student Union. Some of the supplies require advance notice, so please turn your Service Request Forms 24 hours in advance.

Campus Advertising

All student organizations must get approval for all flyers/posters to be hung on campus. To get approval, please bring your flyer/poster into the Event Planning Office, Room 203. At that time your event advertisement will be verified and your flyer/poster will be stamped with approval. All flyers/posters must have the stamp to be hung.

Another great way for student organizations to easily advertise upcoming meetings and events is through Collegiate Link by uploading flyers and a brief description of their upcoming meeting or event.

L.I.F.T.– Learning Initiative for Teambuilding

Want to do something new and creative to build your team Give L.I.F.T. a try! This unique low and high ropes course, provided by Campus Recreation and Fitness, is designed to challenge individuals while also building a strong team. It is a wonderful experience for any group. For more information, visit the Campus Recreation website at

 Last Modified 7/17/17