What is an Assessment Plan?

Assessment is an integral part of the accreditation for the University, as it determines whether or not the achievement plans and goals of each college and department are being met. Assessment contributes to curriculum re-design and enhancement, student learning and continuous improvement of university programs and services. 

Assessmentplan reporter (chair, director, dean, assistant or associate VP) from each department determines the specific objectives and outcome measures that comprise his/her unit’s assessment plan for the academic year. During the plan period, data and/or results should be collected in order to report on the success of the plan. The reporter then enters the complete plan, results and the appropriate supporting documentation into the assessment database where it can be viewed by assessment coordinators, accreditation staff and the plan approver (department head/supervisor) who may then verify that the assessment plan is satisfactory.

It is recommended that you retain a copy of your assessment plan in a Word document, from which you may then paste your results into the assessment database. Videos on how to navigate and enter data into the database are located here: Assessment Database online training.

Plan reporters may be asked to revise the assessment plan by their supervisor or an assessment coordinator in order to ensure that the plan provides the necessary information, is clear and well written. A checklist that is being used to evaluate assessment plans is provided at this link: Assessment Plan Checklist.

Request the access to Assessment Website should be made through the FAU Online Help Desk.


Assessment Databases

Assessment | Academic Units

Assessment | Support Units

Assessment Support

Please contact the Office of the Provost if you would like individual assistance or group workshops on any of the following topics:

  • Assistance with using the FAU Assessment Database;
  • Assistance with or consultation on your Assessment Plan for the upcoming year;
  • Assistance with or consultation on your Assessment Report for the prior year;
  • Workshop for your Department on Assessment: what it is; why it is useful for faculty and departments; why it is useful to students; how assessment helps to improve student learning .
  • Workshop for your Department on Rubrics: What they are; Why they are helpful to faculty; Why they are helpful to students; How they help to improve student learning outcomes.

FAU Administrative Assessment 2015-2016 Important Dates

Director’s Responsibility
Due Date
Supervisor’ Responsibility
Report Prior Year’s Assessment Plan Results Due October 1 Assessment results & analysis for all outcomes in plan entered in database “submitted for review”. Review report and request revisions if applicable. Approve completed (revised) plan.
Submit New Assessment Plan for Current Year August-September/
Due: October 1
Create assessment plan for current academic year utilizing previous plan/results. “Submit for review” to assessment database. Review and revise new assessment plan.

FAU SLOs Assessment 2015-2016 Important Dates

Due Date
Due Date
Due Date
Outcome Description and Methodology Implementing Strategy Assessment Methods Criterion for Success Due February 15 Submit New Assessment Plan for Current Year Due
October 1
Submit New Assessment Plan for Current Year Due
November 25

University Team for Assurance of Student Learning (TASL)

The Team for Assurance of Student Learning (TASL) is the university-level assessment committee comprised of the Associate Provost for Assessment and Instruction, College Assessment Directors, the Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and a representative from Institutional Effectiveness and Analysis.

The purpose of TASL is to provide direction and supervise assessment of student learning outcomes. TASL members chair their respective College Assessment Committees and ensure compliance with university assessment directives at the College and Department levels. They also advise the Associate Provost for Assessment and Instruction on university assessment policy and procedures. For more information, see the Student Learning Outcome Assessment Plan.



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