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FAU's Center for Body, Mind, and Culture
     founded by Dr. Shusterman

The American Philosophies Forum

Feldenkrais Educational Foundational of North America

Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism

Journal of Comparative Literature and Aesthetics

Naked Punch

Nomad Academy


     Book Links 

Body Consciousness: on Cambridge; on Amazon

Surface and Depth: on Amazon; on Cornell

Performing Live: on Amazon; on Cornell

Practicing Philosophy: on Amazon; on Routledge

Pragmatist Aesthetics: on Amazon; on Rowman & Littlefield

T. S. Eliot and the Philosophy of Criticism: on Amazon

The Object of Literary Criticism: on Amazon; on Brill

Conscience du corps: on l'éclat; on Amazon.fr

Leibliche Erfahrung in Kunst und Lebenstil : on Amazon

Praktyka Filozofii, Filozofia Praktyki: on prus24

Vivre la philosophie: on Amazon

Philosophie als Lebenspraxis: on Amazon

Pragmatista Esztétika: on Bookline

Estetika Pragmatizmu: on Kalligram

L'Art à l'état vif: on Amazon

La fin de l'expérerience esthétique: on Amazon

La modernité en questions: on Amazon

Sous l'interprétation: on Amazon

The Range of Pragmatism: on Amazon; on Blackwell

Bourdieu reader: on Amazon; on Blackwell

Analytic Aesthetics: on Amazon

Aesthetic Experience: on Amazon; on Routledge

Interpretation, Relativism, and the Metaphysics of Culture : on Amazon

The Interpretive Turn: on Amazon

Wyszukane tytuły: on Kapitalka

O sztuc e i życiu: on Merlin

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Steadfast Philosopher

The drum cans of Shorinkutzu-dojo

Shusterman with Roshi at Seshin


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