Richard Shusterman


"Contested Territories: Arthur Danto, Thierry de Duve, Richard Shusterman": February 2, 2006 conversation at Tate Britain

YouTube user's recording of a September 2006 lecture in Poland 

"La culture de soi"  Ré-inventer la politique culturelle Lyon, France (November 2009)

Screening of Dr. Shusterman's video performance work at Counterpath in Denver ,CO (March 2014)



Soma-esthétique de R. Shusterman à l'Abbaye De Royaumont

Two clips, in German, from "Die Somatische Wende" (2010) Clip 1  & Clip 2

Cambridge UP Japan, an overview of Thinking Through the Body: Essays in Somaesthetics with Richard Shusterman
Please see the somaesthetics Youtube channel for more videos.
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