Recruitment Services

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Welcome to the Florida Atlantic University’s Recruitment Services Department 

Recruitment Services is committed to assisting the University community with recruitment, selection and appointment of qualified applicants for Faculty, Administrative, Managerial & Professional (AMP), Support Personnel (SP), and Temporary positions. Our services include recruitment, advertising, and general assistance on the search and selection process as well as recruitment administration. 

Recruitment Services provides assistance individuals seeking employment with the University.  We welcome your questions regarding employment opportunities and the application process. We are committed to the fair and ethical treatment of all members of the FAU community at large. 

The staff of the Recruitment Services are professionals with a very strong sense of customer service who strive for excellence in service. 

For questions, concerns or additional information, please feel free to contact any of the following representatives: 

Sara DeMonte, Manager, Recruitment Services (561) 297-2958 
Heather Brannen, Supervisor, Recruitment Services (561) 297-3950 
Samantha Blend, Senior Recruitment Services Representative (561) 297-6068 
Rita Boggeman, Senior Recruitment Services Representative (561) 297-2619 
Veronica Brokate, Recruitment Services Representative (561) 297-4291 
Melissa Gordon, Recruitment Services Representative (561) 297-3079  

To reach Recruitment Services via email, please use the following email address By using this email, you will receive a response from a member of Recruitment Services. 

If you have questions regarding employment opportunities at FAU, please contact any of the Representatives above via or send Recruitment Services an email at  By using this email, you will receive a response from a member of Recruitment Services.