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Due to US Government regulations, it is imperative that all new temporary student workers sign in with the Student Employment office PRIOR to beginning any assignment.  The sign-in packet consists of the following:
♦  Personal Data Sheet
♦  FRS Certification form
♦  Public Records Policy
♦  Loyalty Oath Document
♦  W4 Form
♦  Direct Deposit Form
♦  FERPA Right of Privacy Policy
♦  Security and Confidentiality Form

Students should come prepared, with all necessary forms of ID to complete the electronic I-9 form.  Florida Atlantic University’s payroll policy requires that all employees receive their salary and other payments via direct deposit.  Please bring a voided check when you come to sign-in to complete the direct deposit form.     

International Students:  Please refer to the International Student section of the Student Employment website for additional information.

All students are paid on a bi-weekly basis.  Click here to see the pay schedule.

- Click here to view Student Appointment Instructions, Campus
   Codes & Building Numbers
- Click here to calculate:  FTE, hours per day, hours per pay
   & # of biweeklies
1. Student Appointment Form
  (EXEMPT Positions Only)  
  For Graduate Teaching Associate/Assistant,  Graduate Research  Associate, Graduate Research Assistant and Resident Assistant  
2. Student Appointment Form  
  For Student Assistant & Graduate Student Worker         
4. Employee Acknowledgment Form (for NON-EXEMPT Only)  
5. Employee Acknowledgment Form (for TUTORS Only)  
6. Position Job Identification Form  
7. Timesheet  

Directions : Change the Pay Period # to the desired pay period and print. T his time record must be completed with all dates and signatures of both the student and the supervisor in order to be valid. Any incomplete information will invalidate this record.

8. Direct Deposit Form  
NOTE : Each .pdf form can be filled out online before printing.     


FAUs payroll policy requires that all employees receive their salary and other payments via direct deposit. Failure to fill out and turn in the form to the university Payroll Office will result in the employee’s paycheck being mailed via the US mail.  Employees without direct deposit will receive their paychecks in the mail.  All paychecks will be mailed to the employee’s home address.


IMPORTANT NOTE :  Due to the change in the FLSA regulations, effective August 23, 2004 we have made some changes that affect certain student appointments.  We have also taken this opportunity to change our position numbers to unique ones, separate from those used by Human Resources.  For more information, please see the FLSA FAQs.

Payroll Schedule :  The pay schedule for Florida Atlantic University is made up of twenty-six biweekly pay periods.  Most student employees are eligible for FICA exemption through the Internal Revenue Procedure 2005-11. 


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