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Student Employment Instructions for New Student Employees

Have you recently been offered employment for an on-campus job?
Do you have questions about what to do next?
Well, the Student Employment office is here to assist you.

All new students working for the university need to take the following steps:

  • Complete a Student Job Application

  • Complete an on-line Orientation Session

  • Complete an electronic I-9

  • Complete Sign-In (Employment) Paperwork

  • Visit the Student Employment office located in Building 4 (directly across
    from Chick Fil-A) second floor.

    New sign-ins will only be accepted on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays between the hours of 9am and 4pm

  • Complete an electronic background check.

    1. Complete a Student Job Application-To be able to work on campus, you must submit a Student job application:

  • Go to

  • Click “Create an Application”

  • Select “Student Application”

  • Complete your information for the application

  • At the end of the application, click “Submit”

  • Disregard the error message that says that the application has not been applied to a posting

    2. Complete an Orientation Session- The on-line orientation session is mandatory.

  • The session can be accessed through the Student Employment website.

  • Click on Student Orientation Video and view the session in its entirety

  • At the conclusion of the video, click the Confirmation Page link to print this page

  • You must take the Confirmation Page   to the Student Employment office when you sign in as this is your verification that you completed the orientation session.

    3. Complete Section 1 of the Electronic Employment Eligibility form  (form I-9).

  • Log on to the I-9 Express page:

  • Enter the image that is displayed and click Continue

  • Complete Section 1 of the Electronic I-9.  Click Continue.

  • Review that your information was entered correctly

  • Read the statements in the area for your electronic signature, click the check box, and click Continue

  • Print out the confirmation page for your records and view the list of acceptable documents.       

    • Documents to establish identity and work eligibility within the United States are required for completing employment paperwork.

    • There are several different acceptable documents that can be used to establish identity and work eligibility. A listing of these documents is included in I-9 Express. ONLY ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS CAN BE ACCEPTED.

  • An original Social Security card or receipt is required for payroll and tax purposes.

  • Logout of I-9 Express.

    4. Complete Sign-In Paperwork

  • Student employees can print and complete most of the sign-in documents prior to going to the Student Employment office.

  • To view and print the documents, scroll to the bottom section of this page titled “Sign In Documents”

  • Students must visit the Student Employment office to submit any paperwork obtained on-line and to complete the Loyalty Oath form.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to submit a voided check for direct deposit, but it is not required to establish direct deposit. If a voided check is not submitted, students must have all of their banking information available.

    5. Complete an electronic background check

  • The University uses a third party by the name of Hire Right, to complete all of its background screenings.

  • An email from Hire Right will be sent to the email address provided on the Student Employment application. If an email address was not provided, Hire Right will send an email to the official FAU email address. This email will contain log-in information for a secure site.

  • In the email, students will be linked to a secure site that will require the previously provided log-in information in which a Social Security number, address, and date of birth will have to be entered. Once this information is entered, Hire Right will complete the background screening.

Sign In

  Personal Data Sheet   Loyalty Oath
  W-4 Form   Security & Confidentiality Form
  Direct Deposit Form   Public Records Policy
  FERPA form   Acceptable Work Eligibility Documents
   FRS Certification form  Red Square Bullet  Health Coverage Information Sheet
 Red Square Bullet  Directions for Filling Out Sign In Documents  

Still have questions?
Contact the Student Employment office: 561-297-6156 or

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