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Student Employment: FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the FLSA issues surrounding non-line positions.

What is the FLSA?

The Fair Labor Standards Act is the federal law that was created to provide minimum wage and overtime guidelines.

What does “exempt” mean?

It means that the position meets the criteria to be exempt from the FLSA.  Positions designated as “exempt” are not eligible for overtime pay. Exempt student positions are residence hall assistant, graduate research assistant, graduate teaching assistant, graduate research associate and graduate teaching associate.

What does “non-exempt” mean?

It means the position does not meet the criteria to be exempt from the FLSA. Employees in non-exempt positions are required to be paid or receive compensatory time equal to 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in one work week.  In addition they are subject to minimum wage requirements and must keep a record of time worked. Non-exempt student positions include student assistant, graduate student worker and federal work-study.

How do I know if an On Campus Work (Non-Work Study)/student assignment is exempt or non-exempt?

Very specific criteria must be met for a position to be designated as exempt.  If the criteria, or tests, cannot be met then the position is non-exempt.  Here are some of the main criteria or tests:

If the position is teaching or conducting research in chosen field of study, the position is exempt.  This applies to Adjuncts and Teaching/Research Assistants.  

If the position has a total salary of not less than $455 per week the position may be exempt; however, additional criteria must be met.  

If the salary requirement is met there are a variety of other criteria that may dictate whether a position is exempt or non-exempt.  You don’t have to know ahead of time.  If this is the case, complete the Position Job Identification Form and we will make the determination.


Do I have to fill out a Job Identification Form for all On Campus Work (Non-Work Study)/Student assignments?

No.  It is required for all exempt positions unless they meet the teaching/research criteria.  It would not be required for Adjuncts or Teaching/Research Assistants but all other exempt positions.  However, you may use it as often as you want.  If in doubt, fill it out.  

Here is the link for the form:

What if I have a Graduate Assistant who is not teaching or conducting research?

They are considered non-exempt. Graduate Assistants who are not teaching or conducting research are referred to as Graduate Student Workers.

How will I know if my On Campus Work (Non-Work Study) or Student non-exempt employee is working somewhere else and exceeds 40 hours in the work week?

The employee is responsible for obtaining authorization to work overtime.  They must keep track of their time and notify their supervisor(s) if they will be exceeding 40 hours in one work week.  When they sign the Employee Acknowledgement Form they are accepting this responsibility.

Do I have to attach the Employee Acknowledgement Form when I submit a Student Appointment Form or EPAF?

No.  First of all, it is only required for non-exempt positions.  For non-exempt student appointments you will have the employee complete the form and you will retain it in your department for as long as the employee is working for you.

Here is a copy of the Employee Acknowledgement Form:

Here is a copy of the Employee Acknowledgement Form specifically for tutors:

I understand that we will now be using different position numbers for different types of appointments.  How do I know which number to use?

Please refer to the chart.  Remember some numbers have changed and some are the same so pay close attention.

Employee Class Employee Group

Position Number

Account Number

0P - Federal Work/Study CW - College Work/Study



0W - Student Assistant SA - Student Assistant



GS - Graduate Student Worker G - Graduate Assistant



0X - Exempt Resident Assistant HA - Resident Hall Assistant



0X - Grad TA/RA Exempt Status RA - Graduate Research Assistant



0X - Grad TA/RA Exempt Status TA - Graduate Teaching Assistant



0X - Grad TA/RA Exempt Status GRA - Graduate Research Associate



0X - Grad TA/RA Exempt Status GTA - Graduate Teaching Associate



I usually pay my student worker's stipend with a lump sum assignment.  What position number would I use?

None.  Stipends cannot be used to pay for time worked.  They are designed to pay for expenses or costs but not to pay for work.  You must contact the representatives overseeing the funding source.

Can I ever pay a student with a lump sum?


Since I may be paying student or On Campus Work (Non-Work Study) workers overtime, what overtime code should I use?

Use the 030 overtime code for time input.

Do I have to have all of my non-exempt workers complete a timecard?

The law requires that you keep track time worked for non-exempt employees.  You would have to have their work times in order to do time entry so that they can get paid.  A timecard or time sheet is the easiest way to comply.


Other links for forms you might need:

Personnel Action Form


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