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Our document submission schedule is a management tool used to ensure that employees are compensated in a timely manner.  Compliance with the document submission schedule assures payment to an employee in a designated pay period.

A daily log is kept of all incoming paper assignments, Notices of Appointment (NOA) and Personnel Action Forms (PAF), received in our office to determine process time in accordance with the document submission schedule.  Please be advised that all PAFs/NOAs should be properly completed and have all required signatures prior to being submitted to Human Resources to be entered. Consequently, the lack of proper information/signatures will result in delays in the process time and the employee’s pay

For 'Status Checks' please refer to the Daily Log (updated every 2 business days) or to 'Determine Assignment Payday' visit the Submission Schedule.

Daily Log

Last Month's Daily Log

Submission Schedule

Example of how the process works: In order to be paid on 2/12/10, the assignment would need to be in Processing & Records no later than 1/19/10 (assignments received after this date would be paid in the following pay period).

Step 1: Dept. wants employee to get paid on 2/12/10.

Step 2. Dept. sends completed PAF to Human Resources by 1/19/10.

Step 3. Dept. goes online to check the log 2 days after sending the PAF to confirm that it was logged in Processing & Records on or before the deadline of 1/19/10.

If the assignment was received and logged in by 1/19/10, it will definitely be entered in time for the employee to receive payment on 2/12/10.

However, if the assignment was received and logged later than 1/19/10, it will not be entered for the pay day of 2/12/10; instead, it will be entered for the following pay day.

The same premise applies to new employees – as long as ALL required paperwork (this includes, the background check & all employment requirements, completed PAF and sign-in/orientation forms) were received on time, the assignment will be processed by the designated date posted on the schedule.

*For questions regarding the employment requirements, please contact

*For all other questions or concerns, please contact Processing & Records at

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