SP Position Description Instructions

Accurate position descriptions are a necessary tool in order to classify, advertise, interview and fill a position. Each supervisor in the University is responsible for providing a current position description for each position reporting to them. Position descriptions should be reviewed annually for accuracy. Position descriptions may be updated as often as necessary in the PeopleAdmin system. Position Descriptions are no longer processed on paper. It is important that the essential functions of a position be reflected accurately on position description.



1.    Current Classification Title
In PeopleAdmin there is a drop down box which provides all AMP and SP classification titles.

2.    Working Title
A working title is optional and does not have to be used.

3.    Requested Classification Action (What type Of Action Is This?)

·         When choosing an action for an establishment, this question is not asked. ‘Establishment’ is if you are establishing a position for the first time.

·         Choose 'Reclassification' if the position has changed and no longer meets the requirements of its current classification and must be reclassified.

·         Choose ‘Update’ if the position has changed but still meets the requirements of its current classification.

4.    Position Number
Type in the position number of the position. If this is a new establishment, Human Resources will assign the number when the Request for Establishment/Reclassification is received. If it is an update or a reclassification, you will use the position number currently assigned to the position. Please call the Classification and Compensation section if you would like to verify this information.

5.    Existing Incumbent
If the position is filled, type in incumbent’s name.

6.    Department
Choose from the drop down box the Department the position is assigned to.

7.      Index
This is on an individual college/department basis. This is the funding source for the position.

8.    Grant funded
If the position is supported by grant funding, please provide funding ‘yes’. If not, choose, ‘no’.

9.    If yes for grant funding
Provide funding expiration date.

10.   Pay Range
In this field, the range will be provided for SP positions.

11.  Proposed Salary
If the action is a reclass, fill in the salary you would like to have given to incumbent. This is subject to verification if it exceeds FAU guidelines. A PAF must be submitted as well for the processing of a pay increase.

12.  Campus
Campus for which the position description is supported.

13.  Supervisor Position Number
Provide the position number for the supervisor of the position description. Supervision can not be done at the same level as position description or lower.

14.  Education/Training/Experience
Type the minimum qualifications which will be required of this position. Make sure that the minimum qualifications listed here reflect at least the minimum qualifications listed on the

15.  Required Licenses/Certifications Etc.
Review each of the items listed and check all that apply.  Remember that some classifications have specific license requirements which should be reflected in this section. A background check is required for  positions which work in close proximity to children or students or handle checks, cash or charges.  Some departments require background checks per departmental policy. Also, any position with responsibility for any part of the processing of vendor payments or invoices needs to have that item checked.

16.  Supervision Exercised
Type the class titles and positions numbers of all of the line positions that this position will directly supervise. A direct supervisor is responsible for hiring, training, evaluating, approving leave, and handling disciplinary issues. If supervision of OPS employees is an essential function of this position, you may indicate the approximate number of OPS positions for which this position is responsible.

17.  Instructions Given
In a sentence or two indicate the extent of direction given to the employee in this position. This will give the employee/applicant an idea of how independently they will be expected to work.

18.  Requirements before hiring
Check ‘yes’ or ‘no” for requirements for back ground check, processing vendor warrants and invoices, licensures, fingerprinting, security check and employment physical.

19.  Work Days And Hours
List days and hours required to work

20.  Fte (Full-time employee)
40 hours = 1.0 - Anything less is calculated down to decimal point. For example 20 hours= .5

21. Characteristics of the Position (Physical Demands for ADA Analyzer (American Disabilities Act))
Review each of the items listed and check ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

22.  Functions of the Job  

·         Essential Functions

List the essential functions of the job. This is a list of duties that are essential to the job and cannot be removed as a reasonable accommodation. Each function (or duty) should be written in such a way that you can answer the questions What? and When? Sometimes it is helpful to also include an answer to the question Why? as well. Each of the essential functions should be concise and to the point, comprised of one or two sentences. Each essential and marginal function should have a percentage of time assigned to it. The percentages must total 100% (for essential and marginal combined) to account for all of the time that the employee is working.

·         Marginal Functions

List the marginal functions of the job. These are duties that are required of the job but could be reassigned as a reasonable accommodation if necessary. They should be written in the same way as the essential functions and should have a percentage of time assigned to them which, when combined with the essential functions, total 100% of the employees time

23.  Pay Grade
This information will already be filled in for SP positions. It will reflect the pay grade number corresponding with the classification title.


Please direct questions to Lessie Brown, 561/297-1389, or Michael Davis  561/297-3026.


October 2009

official class specifications . You may list more but not less than the class specifications. If you have any questions regarding the class specifications, please contact Classification and Compensation. Keep in mind that if you plan to advertise this position, the requirements you advertise will have to match what you list here. You may list preferences in addition to requirements in this section Michael Davis

Classification & Compensation Team

Marie Mascaro, Senior Associate Director of Human Resources
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Michael Davis, Classification & Compensation Manager
(561) 297-3026

Lessie Brown, Human Resources Representative
(561) 297-1389

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