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The Banner System was established in 2003 as the decentralized time input system for Florida Atlantic University. The system puts control of time input with individual departments or several departments grouped together. Each of these areas has one or more Timekeeping Administrators who actually do the time input each biweekly pay period


Timekeepers are assigned by the dean, director or chairperson of the department and must complete the Banner security request form in order to gain access to the time input system. The form allows the department head to select the type of access needed for the department. When the form is completed, it must be sent to Human Resources. The information is then keyed into the Banner System for live production for actual time input.


The Benefits and Retirement section of Human Resources conducts Time Input training classes on a continual basis for the university. All timekeepers are encouraged to attend training and may come back for refresher courses as needed. Benefit and Retirement also provides assistance to all timekeepers during the time input period by answering questions and helping timekeepers work through difficult time input situations.


The pay schedule for Florida Atlantic University is made up of twenty-six biweekly pay periods. The time input system is turned on for input on all day on the Thursday and until 10 a.m. on the Friday prior to payday.


Support Personnel(SP) employees are designated as non-exempt by the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). SP employees whose actual hours of work in the established work week exceeds 40 hours will earn either overtime pay or overtime compensatory leave. The maximum amount of overtime compensatory leave that may be accrued is 120 hours. All overtime earned in excess of that amount must be overtime pay, until the overtime compensatory leave balance is reduced. Unless otherwise specified by a collective bargaining agreement, holiday pay and paid leave are not considered work hours and are not counted towards overtime calculations. Overtime shall be calculated at the rate of one and one half times the total hours worked beyond 40 hours . OPS non-exempt employees will earn overtime pay when actual hours of work in the established work week exceeds 40 hours.

Visit the Human Resources Forms page for forms related to Timekeeping.

Updated September 2007