Applying for On-Campus Housing

Space is available for immediate move-in for enrolled students, contact the Housing office at (561) 297-0214 for more details. 

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To successfully apply for housing, please follow the steps below:

1.  Login to with your username and password. (NOTE: You must have a FAU student ID and password.)

2. Click on the "Students" tab.  In the "Housing and Residential Life" section, click on Housing Online. If you see a warning message click "continue".  If prompted click "Login" under ApplyOnline. * Depending on when you are applying for Housing, as well as which campus, you will see a drop-down menu of Housing Contract options. Select the correct contract term before clicking "next".

3. Read through the entire contract before agreeing to it!  Very important – the FAU Housing Agreement is a legally binding document.  It is similar to a lease, so do not submit unless you read and agree to the terms stating that you want to live on campus.  Print a copy of the contract  for your own records.

If you are required to pay a deposit, the system will notify you and forward you to the online payment site. You may pay by Credit Card or an Electric Check. 

4. The next web page is the Housing Contract questions page. Answer all Housing Contract questions as these answers are very important to us. You may select your preference for building and room type on the Living Preference page.

5. Upon successful completion and submission of your online contract, you will see a notification on your screen saying "Thanks for submitting your contract". A copy of this page will be sent to your FAU e-mail account. *If you do not see the "Thanks for submitting your contract" page your submission failed. We will not be able to process your contract and you will have to resubmit the contract. 

Spring 2015 Housing Agreement*

*Spring 2015 Housing Application needs to be printed and mailed in with a $300 check.
You may also turn in your Housing Application and check to the Housing Office, Bldg. 46 anytime between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

The Summer 2015 Housing Agreement will be available to incoming freshman and transfer students beginning in March 2015.

FALL 2015 & SPRING 2016
The Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Housing Agreement will be available to incoming freshman and transfer students beginning in January 2015.

If you want to access your Housing Assignment and Roommate information follow these steps:

  • You must have submitted a Housing Contract or live on campus currently.
  • Login to
  • Click on Housing Online .
  • If prompted, click "Login" under MyHousing.
  • Once on the MyHousing page, you can view your information, current/future room assignments and roommates, future roommate requests and any ongoing current/future room selection processes.

To Select a Roommate:

  • Log in to MyHousing.
  • In the navigation menu, select "Room Selection" and "Roommate Selection".
  • Enter the Z-Number of the student you would like to request as your roommate/suitemate. Remember:You can select/change roommates before the assignment process begins in May for the Fall semester or November for the Spring semester
    • The student you are requesting must also have a valid contract or assignment.
    • The roommate request MUST be mutual; this means that he or she will have to request you as well.
  • You can select/change roommates before the assignment process begins in May for the Fall semester or November for the Spring semester.

Important Tips for Prospective Students

  • Spaces are limited and fill up quickly, so apply early.
  • There are very few single rooms, and we cannot guarantee single rooms for everyone who makes the request. The earlier you apply, the better your chances will be to get your priority building or room type.
  • The basic housing contract covers the Fall and Spring semester; you are responsible for the terms of the contract.
  • Housing will make every attempt to honor roommate requests, however, this is based upon space availability and the timeliness of requests.
  • Students living in the residence halls are required to participate in the Campus Meal Plan Program. For information, please visit our Dining Services page.
  • If you plan to request special housing considerations based upon a disability or health concern, you must register with the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). In order to register, you must submit an OSD Application for Support Services and appropriate documentation of your disability. You must have registered with OSD by June 1 for Fall, November 1 for Spring in order for your request to be considered.
 Last Modified 12/18/14