Department of Housing and Residential Life

The Department of Housing and Residential Life will strive to educate our students outside of the classroom to provide them with a collegiate experience that better prepares them for a pluralistic society.

The Department of Housing and Residential Life creates a seamless environment of living and learning in a safe and welcoming community. Through opportunities for leadership development, civic responsibility, self exploration, and student involvement, we will assist in building a life-long connection between the student and the University.
Excellence — The Department will seek excellence in all our endeavors and is committed to continual learning and improvement.
Intellectual & Personal Development — The Department is committed to assisting our students with their academic growth by helping them to utilize the resources provided by our campus community.
Ownership — The Department encourages community members to take ownership for one’s actions; to hold all community members accountable; and to take pride in their on-campus home.
Diversity — Appreciating diversity makes us better community members as we learn to seek out new perspectives and experiences, while better understanding those around us.
Leadership — We will provide and encourage opportunities for involvement within our campus community.
Facilities — We will create and maintain a clean, safe, and secure environment in which student’s live and learn.
 Last Modified 2/16/17