Here is the opportunity to recognize a fellow student, faculty, or staff member, for a job well done. Recognition is important to promote leadership and quality to the individual who is recognized and the organization he or she represents.
There are two types of awards a person can submit for: an OTM and a FEHA.

Of The Month (OTM) Awards

OTMs are submitted monthly, The FAU Chapter of NRHH, votes on all of the submissions to give campus winners in each of the following categories:
Advisor, Community, Executive Board Member, Faculty/Staff Member, National Communications Coordinator, Organization, Resident Assistant, Student, First Year Student, and Spotlight (Spotlight is used when the subject of the OTM does not fit in to any of the other categories, or the subject stands out). Additionally, someone submitting an OTM can also nominate an excellent on-campus program.

To submit a general OTM for any of the categories above please click here!
To submit a program OTM please click here!

Once the campus winners have been chosen they are sent to SAACURH, the South Atlantic Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls, to compete against other campus OTMs in that category and to potentially receive the regional OTM award.

Florida Excellence in Housing Awards (FEHAs)

This non-competitive award is given on behalf of the Florida Association of Residence Halls (FARH). This award can be given without limits; so, submit away. Submissions are sent to the FARH Associate Director for Recognition, please include your name and e-mail address and write who you would like to give a FEHA to.

To submit a FEHA please click here!

Affiliated Links:

The FAU Chapter of NRHH

OTM Website

National Residence Hall Honorary

Florida Association of Residence Halls


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding recognition please contact the National Communications Coordinator (RSA) and Recognition Chair (NRHH):
Cody J. Kalina

 Last Modified 10/30/14