Shane Blouin - 4th Floor - Engineering and Explorer LLC
Shane Blouin Year : Sophomore
Major : Vocal Performance / Theater
Interests and Hobbies : Singing, Reading, Working Out, Zumba, Spin, Disney Movies, Food, and Friends
Clubs or Organizations : Resident Student Association, Mission Green, Lamda United: Gay Straight Alliance, Resident Assistance Committee, Student Government
Favorite Memory at FAU : My favorite memory would have to be from the Heritage Park Council, we had so many but this one in particular touched my life. Winning Most Creative in the Sexually Responsible Bed Race, by making a giant gold penis shaped chariot really changed my life and proved that one group can make a difference at this school.

Sports Superstars!
We have had an exciting last couple of weeks! They have been filled with movie nights, dinner out, and sports games all with the residents. Everyone is also getting better acclimated to college life and becoming much more stable. After our terrific failure at our first volleyball, We had to start practices. We had our first practice the Sunday before the game at 5pm. It was a blast and we all got a lot better at the game! We also decorated t-shirts with all our names and team name on it! They all turned out great. We did not get to wear them to the game but we intend to next game! So now to the game! We had a blast and had much more fun than the other team but still lost. L We actually played much better this game because we had practiced and worked on our serving, but the team we were playing was really intense.

Some of my amazing residents have also been rushing fraternities or sororities. Some have had some heartbreak, and others have been having a great time with their newfound brotherhood or sisterhood. Some of them have still been having trouble with their homework because of rush of just life. They are learning to get tutors and friends who can help and it all seems to be going as well as it could! I am still excited for what the rest of the year brings!

Learning to live with each other!
Living on the fourth Floor has been remarkably easy! So far, everyone is getting along great and we are all really excited about college. Being a first time RA, it is taking me time to schedule myself, but it has been a blast! My classes have been really great, except Italian because I failed my first test. Chamber Singers has been an incredible learning experience, and quite inspiring. Keeping up with my social life has been very difficult, but somehow I keep up with my amazing friends. I also got to visit my mom for her birthday, so all is well. The gym has been so busy, and the classes are impossible to get into as well. Plus, a great factor to my schooling is that I am going to graduate on time! YES!

My residents are little balls of sunshine in my life. I love learning all about their lives; who is has a girlfriend back home, who lives where; it is all so exciting! We are all getting ready for the first wave of exams, and there is many a night where multiple residents are seen in the lounge studying or writing a paper. We are also preparing for the volleyball and dodge ball intramural sports. We have one volleyball team, LIFEISBRO, and two dodge ball teams, LIFEISBRO and Cac Sackers. I elected three floor presidents Daisy, Jennifer, and Chris. They are going to rotate monthly. One will help with bulletin Boards, One will help with floor decorations, and one will represent our floor at the Community council meeting. They seem to be very involved and will be great floor presidents!

I am remarkably lucky to be serving as the RA liaison to the Heritage Park Council. The New executive board is passionate and excited for the job. I think they are going to be great. We have our first event planned and ready to go, Sweet September . In this event we plan it to be a social were residents can eat sweet foods such as donuts, candy apple, and fondue, while playing food games such as Apples to Apples and Candy Land! Their advertisements were dynamic and held true to the HPC skill level. Seeing them enjoying their newfound job has made me miss working with the council last year. It was an amazing experience and I hope they enjoy it as much as I did!

Check out the Community Councils page for more information.

First Time RA and Weeks of Welcome
This first week has been hectic, stressful, fun, exciting, nerve wracking pretty much every emotion. It has been a blast! The Engineering and Explorer LLC students are so great! They are passionate, smart, and very energetic. We all bonded right away at our first floor meet and great, and from there we have had so much fun. Within the first couple of weeks, we attended all the socials, and Weeks of Welcome Events, and even had a slumber party in the floor study lounge. It has been really inspiring to see a group of students so passionate about school! It makes me miss my freshman year, which was not so long ago. My classes are more demanding this semester and it has been a rough start, but it has been incredibly rewarding. I have already been able to perform, as part of chamber singers, in the State of the University Address and I get the pleasure of performing for our new FAU Presidents inauguration. All this stuff is what I love! It looks like we are going to have an amazing year on the Explorer and Engineering floor!!!!! GO OWLS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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