Michaele Antoine - 7th Floor - Business / Leadership LLC
Glen Gordon Year : Super Senior
Major : International Business / Intercultural Communication
Interests and Hobbies : Going to the movies, Hanging out with my wonderful N.E.R.Ds, Photography, Eating way too much and exploring new places
Clubs or Organizations : Elite Owl, National Residence Hall Honorary
Favorite Memory at FAU : Being brought to my 1st RSA meeting and being elected as Secretary/Treasurer

October... Already?!
Things are well on the Business/Leadership floor. I see my lovelies a little bit less than usual these days, but that's because of the ridiculous amount of work I've had to keep up with and unfortunately, I have less time to play :/

However, I am super excited because I have a couple of programs upcoming this week and next which were specially planned to make my 7th floor N.E.R.D.S happy; programs including our Skybox floor party and next week is Hallway Bowling!! We'll also be decorating our floor to get into the Halloween spirit this coming weekend so that'll be several opportunities to hang out with my favorites :]

Busy is the theme of the semester, but I am really trying my best to enjoy every last drop of my undergraduate juice. I'll be taking a practice GRE next weekend which I am excited/nervous about... it just means life after graduation is THAT much closer. It is scary, but I've been talking to many people about my post graduate education and experience and the future looks oh so bright.

See you all next blog :D

Time Flies When You're Having Fun
I honestly cannot believe we are already into week 4 of classes! It has been such a blur, but I suppose it's true what they say: time flies when you're having fun!

Although, it has been time for me to start settling into the swing of classes, I've actually started to have tests this week and had my first quiz last week, so that is always the true testament that Fall has arrived. I went to the library with some of the Resident Assistants on my staff (LLC RAs represent! ;) and it felt so foreign! I hadn't been in the library in a bit, but it definitely felt good to be productive and study with a group of people. Hopefully, I will be adding in a couple of hours a week into my schedule specifically for the library; getting there is difficult but the feeling afterward is well worth it. I've also been trying to take care of my body by using the Rec Center more often which is kind of like the library in the sense that, getting up and getting there is the hardest part but once the work out is over, I felt sooo good. Keeping the mind and body in tune will definitely help me this semester.

As for my floor, the N.E.R.Ds are well. The Leadership LLC is so close it's hard to keep them from having too much fun and the Business LLC is just that: ALL BUSINESS. They are having a good time and keeping busy which is what they're here for. The Leadership LLC was required to go to the Student Leadership Conference this past weekend which was AMAZING. I was there representing the Elite Owls (which you can look up on the FAU website for more information /sil/leadership/EliteOwls.php) and saw many of my residents' lovely faces. The last session by Dr. Don DiPaolo was especially inspirational and thought provoking. It focused on what it takes to be a leader and the changes people must make to emerge as the best leader they can be. One of the quotes I took away from the presenter went something like, 'It is never too late to be the person you could have been' which essentially was about working on being the best version of yourself.

After the Community Council elections a couple of weeks back, Vanessa & Gabriella from the Leadership LLC won as President and Vice President of HPT and James of the Business LLC was voted as Publicity chair, so I was very excited that they were representing our 7th floor so well. We also have our football and volleyball (lead by my floor Presidents Morgan B. and Lauren!) intramural teams practicing and getting ready to kick the other teams' butts! All in all, the 7th floor is having a good time and hopefully staying on top of their studies simultaneously.September will be up quickly, so at this point, studying, doing my jobs well and going with the flow of the semester are top priorities. Graduate school applications are on my mind, and I will soon be taking a practice GRE to start that whole process which is nerve wracking but very essential to getting into the school of my choice. Cross your fingers for me!

Working hard to play hard is the motto of the semester and so far the benefits are far outweighing the work. :]

Blog #1:
So far so good! It has been such a good week thus far and I am in so excited to begin my 5th, Super Senior here at FAU.

As a double majoring student in Intercultural Communication and International Business, my course load has never quite been the easiest, and this semester is no exception. I ll also be taking the GRE and GMAT as well as applying to graduate schools. So this semester will definitely be a tough one, but one that I am determined to get through. I have about 7 classes left until graduation and am so excited about going out with a BANG my last year here.

My outside commitments (as in anything besides academics) have dwindled down this year, but I see myself putting so much more effort into the ones I do have and that is such an exciting feeling. If only I d been doing this since the beginning! So, a piece of advice: don t wait until your last year to make the most of it ;)

Anyway, being a Resident Assistant is obviously my 1st priority outside of academics and I have fallen in love with it all over again this semester. My 7th floor s N.E.R.Ds are everything a girl could ask for in residents and have definitely given me the boost I needed to get excited about a new year. My Business/Leadership residents are already making moves; Lauren and Morgan stepped up and became floor presidents and Stefon and Vanessa have taken the lead in representing HPT within our Community Council. All in all, they are well representing our Business/Leadership LLC and taking the lead! The residents of this LLC have really made me wish I d joined a Living Learning Community when I first came to college.

Things are looking awfully bright and I cannot wait to see how Fall 2010 unfolds!

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