Karla Valentin - 3rd Floor - PEACE
Karla Valentin Year : Senior
Major : Biology
Interests and Hobbies : I enjoy playing Sports, Movies, Dancing, Working out, Arts and Craft, Shopping (which is a girls best friend), Family time, Ice-skating, Listening to Music, Playing Instruments, Building and Designing, and Learning.
Clubs or Organizations : Sigma Gamma Rho Inc., Multicultural Affairs, Plumosa Elementary School (volunteer), Kids Art s fair, summer tutor, Youth leadership, Presidential Classroom, Day Care and Band Box.
Favorite Memory at FAU : There are so many memories that I have had within the two years I attended FAU. However, one exciting day was move in day; on August 21. I realized I would be living under my own roof without my parent s protection. Beside that it was a reencounter I had with one of my old friends from the previous college I attended as well it was the chance for me to greet the friends I have now within the Residential Halls. FAU showed me how much fun it can be living on campus and being part of a great University so more memories will be added within the rest of my following years..

As the semester is almost done there are so many things happening when it comes down to our classes. The most important thing is to make sure what percentage you have in your class and what it would take for you to improve your grades. Speak to your professor or seek help be attending SI or just mainly getting together with classmates and find an alternative to improving your grades. Secondly, don t worry too much on finding out what classes to take the next semester just speak to your advisors beforehand. Next semester classes will be easier for you to schedule because you know the campus and professors that would help you in narrowing down your schedule. In fact, with that you can schedule times in between for studying or break time, don t stress as much about the spring semester figure out how to end the fall semester in a positive way. As for myself my goals are following these and keeping up with my work, school is stressful, work, and family too but the only way to overcome that is by giving yourself time before giving others. If you start to feel stress-out seek help at the Today & beyond Wellness or the Counseling Center at these locations they are well trained instructors that help individuals in any situation. One thing I ve learned throughout the years is finding a calm place within your own place, it can be by playing meditation music or yoga, draw or read, there are so many things you can possibly do to make yourself feel better. Most important is to not think about the situation as much because that s usually the cause.

Finally, the last week of September and just around the corner is a new month. It is extremely funny how the end of the first semester of college for the new members of Residential Life is creeping up on us. This month felt like the FLU month, so many residents and myself GOT THE BUG. It s amusing to see how much residents really count on their RA for assistances like asking for medical advice but really all we can say is take medicine relating to your symptoms or make an appointment at the Clinic on campus. So many amazing things happened once everyone got better, we became a family but also adopted new members to the floor. Intramurals began this month, Sorority and Fraternity Rush week finalized, Student Government had their first Comedy Show, and the kick-start to Hispanic Heritage Month started on the 15th. As for the 3rd floor residents everyone is starting to realize the real effort to maintain good grades and manage their time. My residents are starting to realize that procrastinating is not the best thing to do, leaving English papers to be completed at 2 am in the morning and then having class at 8am is not the best idea. As for me, this month has been a real great experience due to my on campus involvement: being an RA, part of the Peer Education Team, Sigma Gamma Rho Inc. and facing a fear running for Miss Latina 2010. All these extra-curricular activities have added a lot of STRESS. To help me stay level I have planned a daily schedule that helps me feel like I have control over my life. When residents feel overwhelmed or exhausted with school or social life; I encourage them to meditate at least for an hour each day or take time to pamper themselves. It just helps when you need to release the stress that is building-up inside. However, when a situation is cannot be controlled I recommend seeking help on campus by contacting the counseling center on campus or going to the office for a personal interaction. Next month there is so much to do but too little time, as for the 3rd floor this week and weekend we will be preparing our floor for theme and continuing winning our intramural teams.

Should you feel like you need it in your time of stress the counseling office is located on the 2nd floor of the breezeway across the multicultural office.

Halfway through the month of September and major improvements have been made on the floor. Goals that were decided on over the summer or in the month of August are starting to come into place. For instance, studying ahead of time for class, building a community on the floor, getting involved with school events and housing. All these goals are in process and more to come. This month starts our Intramurals Sports programs, where buildings, floors, and FAU students make teams and play in the intramural league. The 3rd floor decided to get involved in all the Intramural sports in a way to bring each other closer by playing as a floor. Even though there are so many things that we can get involved with on campus, the first real week of school work has begun. Many residents and I have already experienced the first test of the semester or their college experience. Students don t realize how much studying has to go into a subject until they receive their first grade. As for me, I am taking hard classes like Micro-Biology, Biochemistry and other science classes that consume most of my free time. It s hard to realize at first how much time school work will take up if you don t take control from the beginning. Time management is extremely important in a college student life, it s better to be proactive than indolent. Many on campus offices are trained in how to teach college students to have better time management. For instance the office of Today and Beyond Wellness, the Counseling Center, and the colleges themselves offers some type of guidance in having better control of your life. As for my residents LLC students and non-LLCs I recommend them all to make a To Do List. Making a reminder board is the best thing to do; having the ability to manage time can improve your grades, life, and sometimes your relationships with friends. I myself have a board that helps me stay on top of all my exams, RA events, school events, and as well free time. Everyone needs time on their own, time to pamper themselves, and thank themselves for something amazing you did in the week or month. By adding this to your lives you will see how everything is so much easier to do.

New Year and New Residents!
This year will be a very different academic year On August 19, 2010 the 3rd floor (half Living Learning Community and half Non-LLC) met for the first time. Opening day was an exhausting day. Residents were checking in, we had to monitor the lobby and keep the hallways clear and try to keep up the fast pace the parents and students were going, but in the end it smooth. The first week of school is an exciting week whether it s looking forward to classes or attending Casino Night, Movie On the Lawn, Bingo, and other housing or campus life programs. However, the first week of school for me is getting a chance to see all my friends back on campus getting to know what classes are going to consume a lot of time. One thing that will be different for me is joining a sorority. I encourage any FAU student to get involved on campus in some type of organization. Whether it be joining a Community Council in the Residential Halls, Student Government, Greek Life, Sports etc. You can really expand your conception on how you would like to spend your four years in college. School is important in all aspects however, finding a hobby on campus can help you keep yourself on track, some organizations on campus help you as the student understand why it s really important to maintain an outstanding GPA. My goal for this year is to make it the best of my school work and end this school year with an accomplishment. As for incoming freshmen and for my floor I encourage you all to look into having goals of your own by taking small steps you can build up to a larger scale.

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