Gerry Heij - 6th Floor - Science and Green LLC
Gerry Heij Year : Senior
Major : Geology
Interests and Hobbies : Cricket, Beach, Traveling and Political Science
Clubs or Organizations : Freshman Learning Community Liaison
Favorite Memory at FAU : Junior field camp in the Appalachians in 09

A great semester comes to an end
I think it goes without saying that this semester has been a rollercoaster ride for the residents of the Science and Green living learning community. I have witnessed my residents grow from strength to strength in every respect. There were a few setbacks during the semester but, fortunately the strength and resolve of the community allowed them to overcome the many challenges of the semester. I trust that exams went well for everyone. On a personal note, I am traveling back to South Africa to enjoy Christmas with my family. I look forward to seeing everyone when I return.

I would like to extend my compliments of the season to the entire HPT community. I am confident that residents will return next semester with a renewed vigor and desire to strive towards academic excellence.

Stay positive
The last couple of weeks have been rough to say the least. My classes have proved to be the most challenging classes of my college career. Fortunately, l can breathe a sigh of relief after completing my first round of exams for the semester. I am planning to put some of my newly acquired free time to good use. I am looking forward to spending some time developing a few social and educational programs for the LLC. The HPT community can look forward to some fun and informative programs in the near future!

I have seen a couple of gloomy faces on the floor after the first round of major exams.
A word of advice to my residents would be to remain positive in the face of adversity (which takes the form of exams and assignments). All too often, we find ourselves in a rut of negativity, which is completely understandable if you take all the pressures that face modern college students into consideration. Being positive starts with self-belief and simply reminding oneself to be positive every day. If I were to look back at my own experience, I can really vouch for the power of staying positive. 5 years ago, the thought of studying in the US would be vaguely ludicrous and completely unattainable. A little determination and positive thinking allowed me to find a company to fund my studies and the rest is history.

So keep your chins up guys!

PS New doors decks are on the way .


This week the LLC participated in the Amazing Race challenge during their common hour. The program was extremely well received and residents had a fantastic time. My residents and I also took it upon ourselves to redecorate the floor. We spent most of the weekend making Disney characters and thinking of some good bulletin board ideas. We eventually settled on doing a board on Electronic music. I chose to do the other bulletin board on a book I recently read The Web Of Life by Fritjof Carpra. This book provided me some insight into the true meaning of sustainability and it introduced a number of interesting concepts. One concept in particular really stood out ecoaffluence . In short, ecoaffluence is a system of living whereby we as humans maintain our quality of living without depleting our non-renewable resources. Skeptics feel that this is abstract and completely unattainable, but achieving eco affluence begins with a simple change of mind and a little human ingenuity. Many of the concepts introduced by Capra are truly groundbreaking and I feel that this should be a prescribed reading for all Science and Green students.
Many residents are beginning to recognize the value of adding a little more structure and planning to their lives. A couple of residents have found themselves in a spot of bother with their first couple of exams and major assignments. I have encouraged them to keep their procrastination to a minimum and strive towards a more structured lifestyle. I am hoping to see an improvement during the course of the semester. Besides a few hiccups, all my residents maintain a very positive outlook on their studies and their collegiate experience. Keep it up guys!!!

Cheers for now

Off to a good start
I think it goes without saying that the last couple of weeks have been an exciting ride for my residents and I. Adjusting to college life and living away from home can be both scary and exhilarating. Fortunately, the LLC has already begun to equip residents with the necessary tools to be successful whilst providing them an opportunity to establish a support group for each other. Many residents have already begun to exhibit good study habits and they recognize the value of networking with other students. Our entire floor is on a first name basis and I never expected the community to flourish as quickly as it has. The floor is brimming with energy. This energy has inspired me to get involved on campus and focus on leaving a legacy at this wonderful institution. Even after such a short time with my residents, I can say without any reservations that their potential seems limitless.

This week Science and Green students went to the Gumbo Limbo marine facility. I received a lot of positive feedback from everyone who attended. I feel like hands on activities such as the Gumbo Limbo trip helps students either reaffirm their choice of major or show them that perhaps they are not cut out for their chosen major. The Learning Community Experience (LCE) hour has also proved to be an invaluable time for students to expand upon their knowledge related to their major and become well acquainted with their respective faculty members.

This week I have reflected upon my college career and feel quite envious of the opportunity that my residents have. I wish that I had enrolled in an LLC as a freshman. I have no doubt that being affiliated with an LLC plays a significant role towards making your college career a successful one. I have yet to see a thriving community develop as quickly as this one has. The Science and Green community has established common goals including academic excellence and making the most out of their collegiate experience. I feel privileged to be entrusted to oversee the Science and Green LLC and I look forward to a fantastic semester.


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