Abbi Rosen - 5th Floor - Pre-Health and Nursing LLC
Abbi Rosen Year : Junior
Majors : Biological Sciences / Chemistry / Pre-med
Interests and Hobbies : Reading, swimming, working out and shopping!
Clubs or Organizations : Sergeant at Arms for the FAU chapter of the American Medical Student Association, Resident Assistant for Pre-Health and Nursing Living Learning Communities and Recognition Chair for the National Residence Hall Honorary.
Favorite Memory at FAU : Making friends in the residence halls!

Finals Week:
For most of the floor, finals week is a new experience. We all have final exams in high school too, but finals week in college is an entirely new experience. Usually there are no review sheets, no practice finals, no teachers telling you exactly where to be and when and especially no parents to keep us on task. Finals in college are usually a lot harder than any final exams we have seen before, so it can be quite a shock to many students.
The Pre-Health and Nursing LLCs handled finals week better than I could have ever imagined! Study groups were in the study lounge every single night and I saw collaboration on final projects on a daily basis. There was so much support coming from all of the residents on the floor, it s no wonder everyone did amazing! So many residents have told me how proud they are of their first semester grades and I could not be happier! I really believe the teamwork this floor displayed was a major contributor to the high GPA the residents managed to obtain. Without each other s support and collaboration I don't think we would have survived with as few meltdowns and tears as we did! Even those of us in different classes kept each other on track with our studying and reminded each other that we needed to take a break once in a while too. Late night food and coffee runs were quite common last week...even more than normal! I m so proud of what my floor was able to achieve this semester and I know it will be even more amazing next semester when everyone has at least one finals week under their belt! All of the winter break plans sound amazing, I will miss everyone!

This week the floor had a decorating party to spook out the floor! This years theme: Freddy Kruger. The floor turned out amazing, thanks to the 20 residents (and even some non residents) who helped out! The life sized Freddy Kruger is sure to shock anyone stopping by our floor! From the bloody quotes to the 3D claws, the floor looks like a real life scary movie! More importantly, half of the floor came out to work together to put this masterpiece together! Many residents from other floors dropped by, either to help or to see what we created, and they all stated how jealous they were of the community on the 5th floor! To top it all off we are having a Freddy Kruger Movie Sleepover in the spooky study lounge on the Thursday before Halloween! I can't wait to see what else this amazing floor has in store for me throughout the rest of the year!

Seeing the residents in the LLC s develop has been amazing so far! I have never seen a community form as fast and strong as the Pre-Health and Nursing LLC s have this year. Not only do I see residents together in class, in the caf?, and other events around campus, I have seen numerous study groups already! With a couple big exams this week, many students would feel overwhelmed and underprepared but not the 5th floor! The residents are already expressing great study habits, some Nursing students even took on a volunteer research project just to get extra exposure to their field!

Although studying has been a major part of the week for many residents, it was also great to see them have a little fun! Our first social took place this week, and over 50 residents came out! Not only did residents from the entire building come together for the night, the 5th floor really showed their support by helping set up and take down tables, chairs and advertisements for the program. Knowing about the program in advance gave some residents a goal; if they could study up until the program they would reward themselves with a couple hours of fun and it worked! So many people said thank you for having the program I can t wait to have the next one! Let s all keep up with the studying and never stop striving for those future goals!

Blog #1:
No matter what year in school you are, the fall semester is always exciting. As a college junior majoring in both Chemistry and Biological Sciences as well as minoring in Philosophy, sometimes exciting may seem more like daunting . As the week progressed, however, I fell right back into the swing of being a resident assistant, being an executive officer in the American Medical Student Association at FAU, having a social life and most importantly classes.

The first week of school is always full of surprises, especially when you are pre-med! There are textbooks to buy, clubs to join, classes to find and during it all there are friends you haven t seen all summer! Being an RA the first week always brings new people into my life; new residents! Although everyone on the floor is either pre-med or pre-nursing, our floor is such a diverse group of people.

As the first week comes to completion, I have gotten to know many of the residents on the floor. Some have revealed that even though medicine is their passion, they would like to major in Business instead of Science and didn t know that was possible before this week! At our first LLC hour we all learned a little bit about the people we will be living with this upcoming year. Some of us enjoy many of the same hobbies, ranging from horseback riding to skydiving! One thing we all have in common is our drive to enter the world of medicine, no matter what level that may be. One resident is already a Certified Nursing Assistant! I have really enjoyed getting to know the residents on my floor and I look forward to the year we will all share together...anything can happen!

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